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A nurse attending to a patient inside a hospital room | nursing concept

How to Develop Leadership Skills in Your Nursing Career

Whether you're an experienced nurse or a novice, nurturing robust leadership abilities is indispensable for success in the field
Man experiencing poverty (concept)

Poverty Effect: The Psychology of Having Too Little

Poverty can cause people to behave in seemingly irrational ways, especially to those who haven’t experienced severe deprivation
Student sleeping in classroom | Schooling concept

Why You Should Break Out of the Shadows of Schooling

How schooling has failed us and how critical thinking can help us be fully alive again
Locally sourced herbs and spices used by Moroccan villagers for healing and wellbeing

Hammam, Herbs, and More — Wellbeing Wisdom from Morocco

From the intriguing concept of the hammam to the wisdom of herbalists harnessing the power of nature's remedies, Morocco offers transformative mental, physical, and social wellbeing experiences that remind us of life's true essence
Badmouthing your ex-boss CONCEPT

10 Reasons Why You Must Avoid Badmouthing Your Ex-Boss

Badmouthing your ex-boss can be injurious to your career and your health
What a squirrel can teach you about achieving your goal

A Secret Skill to Help You Achieve Your Goal

Squirrels are often considered pesky little creatures, but their persistence and resourcefulness teach us how to realize our goals

Unconventional Advice for Young Managers

Work tips for young managers from a veteran psychologist and one of the world’s foremost minds in HR
Concept for transform yourself | Woman smiling at herself in the mirror

How to Transform Oneself With Mindfulness

Mindfulness could be more effective than self-discipline in your quest towards self-transformation
Overweight woman running for fitness

Why Health at Every Size matters

Health at Every Size puts the patient first and urges healthcare professionals to look at individual health rather than at a certain standard
adoption concept newborn

“I grew up with two sets of parents” — A perspective on adoption

The author shares her experience of having been adopted and the challenges of growing up with two sets of parents