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clicking selfie with parents on vacation

A complete guide to planning a vacation with senior parents

A vacation with your elderly parents is a great way to spend time with them. Here are some tips to help you enjoy a hassle free vacation
Men fighting with sword

Why we need the Golden Rule

Every relationship will shine and glitter when you follow the Golden Rule
Illustration of a man falling from the coins kept one above the other / how to ruin your financial life

How to ruin your financial life

20 disastrous money habits. Follow even one of these, and you might as well flush your money down the drains
A pretty young woman traveller with bagpack in nature / travel

Whichever way you do it, travel always enriches you

A travel writer shares the varied experiences she has had on the many journeys she has taken, each giving her a different experience to cherish.
Confident working woman executive in an office

Sufism at work: Discover your innate gift

Lessons in Corporate Sufism to help you find your innate gift and share it with the world
Travelling couple exploring city with map

A guide to staying fit while travelling

Simple tips to avoid weight gain and stay fit during vacation
man groping a young girl

Groping is the evidence of a twisted psyche, not a symbol of machismo

The author recounts her first experience of being groped in public and suggests that predators are themselves victims who are in need of healing
man turned out his pockets / rich poor concept

Rich man, poor man

Do you have the one wealth that really matters?
woman confused with what to wear / how to declutter

7 mistakes to avoid when you begin to declutter

Decluttering is not the same as organizing your wardrobe. Learn how to declutter like a pro
Stressed man at work / mindfulness concept

5 steps to help you be more mindful at your workplace

Being mindful is the key that could halt your descent into the downward spiral of stress and anxiety when things go wrong at work


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