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woman with slim waist, weight loss

10 study-backed natural weight loss remedies

The only sure shot way to losing weight is by exercise and a healthy diet. However, these natural remedies can boost your weight loss efforts
woman in park drinking lemonade, summer

Beat the summer heat with these ayurveda diet tips

An ayurveda expert suggests tips to stay cool and healthy in summer as per traditional ayurvedic principles
couple holding hands with baby shoes, fertility

Tips to boost your fertility with ayurveda

Tap into the power of ayurveda to enhance your fertility, improve your chances of conception and have a smooth pregnancy
woman holding butt area, painful piles

Ayurveda and home remedies to relieve painful piles

Haemorrhoids are a very painful and distressing condition. Home remedies and ayurveda concoctions can help to heal painful piles
Curing with ayurveda

Busted! 7 myths about Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian form of medicine, while being popular, is shrouded in myths. We clears some of the more prevalent ones

Daily routine prescribed by Ayurveda

Balance your life by using a combination of healthy foods, yoga, exercise, massage, and a positive attitude

What to eat to beat the heat

What you eat greatly affects how you feel during summer
woman sitting on a beach

Stay cool this summer: tips from Ayurveda

When you modify your lifestyle to suit the season, your body will hardly notice the demands the scorching heat places on it
Lady with low immunity

Ayurveda and immunity

Many herbs are known to act wonderfully to uplift the working of the body, while increasing the body’s immunity
Ayurveda: and the corn is gone

Ayurveda approach to treat foot corns

Ayurveda ascribes corns to imbalance of the kapha and vatta doshas. Try these easy home remedies to heal your foot corn naturally