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Calm your ire

Anger transformed becomes compassion - because, the energy is the same

Look Fabulous in Minutes

What does it take to look gorgeous? Good money? Dazzling clothes? Not really. What guarantees a fabulous look is paying attention to details

Flying without wings

Why a holiday that restores, revives and re-energises is good for you

Between You and Your Doctor

When you are at your doctor's clinic, you often get tongue-tied, or your memory does not stand by you. Relax!

For a More Abundant 2007

Ring in the new year with simple exercises that will inspire you to live more of the life you truly desire
Man hugging woman

Start Afresh

The luggage of the past you carry affects your interpersonal relationships badly, sometimes devastatingly. If you carry less luggage, it often translates to more comfort and makes relationship a pleasure

Awaken the Giant Within

Making friends with your mind and body is your first, best step to harmonious living

Watch your body, tune your mind

When you practice yoga in the open, or close to nature, delighting in its freshness, you add a new dimension to your mind-body-spirit quotient

Oh, that Creepy feeling!

Feeling anxious is part of daily life. A little bit of thinking can help defuse the feeling and bring balance
Fruit juice

ACE Effect: The Power of Vitamins A, C & E

Vitamins A, C and E provide us the ability to live longer and healthier lives