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Get, Set, Walk!

There is no better, or safer, exercise, than walking for fun and walking for good health
Man demanding

Prefer, Don’t Demand

When we accept ourselves as we are, we embark on our first, best step towards self-fulfilment

Reversing Asthma

Ever thought of a novel treatment plan that's more than practical to ease your commonplace spasm - the song of every asthmatic's burden?
child with a teddy bear

Fear is a Teddy Bear

Fear is an accessory we carry wherever we are, or go. It need not be so, if only we break our minds free of its shackles

A powerhouse called chlorella

Chlorella is not just a much-sought-after wonder food, it is also a super-supplement

Good Riddance: Eliminate body toxins

A regular detox plan to eliminate toxins from the body is essential for good health
Woman exercising

Stretch yourself: Benefits of stretching during exercising

No matter what form of exercise appeals to you - walking, jogging, weight training, or dancing - stretching ought to be a "must-do" part of your daily routine
hand full of pills

Nutrition supplements: Good or bad?

You can very well improve your health with a supplement, but you ought to know what suits your needs best

Eye in Your Mind

The more we delve into a deeper understanding of ourselves, the better we will be for it

Art of Seduction

Seduction is a fine art, and women down the ages have mesmerised men with it. You'd do it too!