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Power Sift: Edge Out Anger, Fear & Guilt

With televised images of destruction from natural disasters and war streaming into people's homes every hour of the day, it is no wonder adults and children are searching for solutions to reduce anger, fear, guilt and grief

Hidden Dangers of Indoor Pollution

What would you bet that if you and I were to take a walk through your home or office, and I could find and point out at least a dozen toxic health hazards?

Vitamic C: The Versatile Nutrient

A daily dose of vitamin C can help you stay well and keep a host of ailments at bay

Is it difficult for you to say “I’m sorry”?

For some reason certain individuals refuse to say they are sorry for anything. It is as though they were giving up the deed to their house. I shake my head in disbelief that something so simple and so helpful to business relationships can be so underutilised
Man talking on his cell phone

Cell-O-fun: Cell phone manners

Of cell phones, nay hell phones, manners and other related idiosyncrasies

For a Good Dose of Sleep

A nice "dose" of sleep is a must for living a good, vibrant life

Healing foods for cancer

The right mix of healing foods can take you a step closer to leading a cancer-free life

7 Smart Ways to Look Best

Looking your best or being a smart dresser takes more than wearing the latest fashion

Live life by design

Live your life by design, not chaos

Meditation: feel the quiet from within

We often talk of there being doorways and crossroads in our lives. Well, learning meditation has to be your Golden Doorway