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The Wisdom of Silence

The need for creative satisfaction and bonding can sometimes leave us gasping for a few moments of calm

Fizz up your love life

Your innate drive for love depends on how you want it to be - a lover who brings steamy sensuality into the lovemaking process and vice versa

Breathe your way to a restful sleep

A unique application derived from the ancient practice of pranayama can help you manage sleeplessness, or insomnia

The Magic of Ayurveda

Why ancient Indian wisdom is nature's most wholesome plan for good health

Bananas are full of nutrition

You think the banana is a boring, commonplace fruit? Think again, because few fruits pack as much nutrition and health benefits as this perennial favourite

Eliminate bad breath

Bad breath isn't a pleasant condition. The best thing you can do is give it the "knock-out" punch before it puts off people around you
Water your skin

Water Your Skin

Water holds the mirror to a healthy glow and beautiful skin - not just on the surface, but also deep within

The Wellbeing Mantra

Wellbeing is not just good health; it's harmonious functioning of our mind, body and soul