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Squat Your Way to Fitness

Squats are the best way to shape, sculpt, and strengthen your thighs and the butt

Stress Benefits

It is essential to understand and deal with stress on a day-to-day basis
Spic and span

Spick and Span: cleanliness at home

A clean and tidy home not only contributes immensely to our wellbeing, it also promotes the flow of positive energy

Shape your Thoughts

What leads us to a state of perpetual conversation within?
Intimacy: The power of two

Intimacy: The power of two

Getting under the sheets with your partner is not enough. You need to expand your physical bonding with intimacy
Husband and wife living strong and healthy

Live Long, Live Strong

Modern biomedical researchers have made great progress in cracking the mystery of aging

The most effective remedy for addictions

Addictions have more to do with sensations in the brain just as much as our desire to be aloof

Mood is Where the Illness is

Research shows that depression and resistance to disease are strongly linked. This is particularly significant when battling an illness like cancer.

Fibre Pack Your Diet

First things, first. You would do well to make salad a major part of your daily eating plan. Because, a high fibre diet is what you need most. However, fruits and vegetables are not necessarily enough. You need to also do regular physical exercises. Only then can you bring the right balance to your health and life

Clean Skin, Healthy Skin

Microbes can gain entry and establish infections in any organ of our body. Skin, the largest organ, is no exception


Arun Ganapathy