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Nourish Your Kids’ Soul

It is essential to make sure that kids get the right nourishment for all-round development
Women holding fruits

Stop aging, Naturally!

With health-consciousness on the rise, more and more people are turning to nature's foods to stay young and fit
Office team discussing

Team Effort

It is important to let your team members know they are valued

Language of Silence

Hypnosis is a tremendous source of energy. It refreshes your body, silences your mind, and also cleanses your heart

Focused Meditation

The practice of meditation sometimes leads to a drowsy feeling or distraction. All you need to do is focus gently on the practice and get on with it

Goodness of Ginger

One of nature's most wholesome remedies, ginger is as good to ward-off common cold, gas, or nausea, as much as arthritic pain and asthma

Reiki for the airborne

Dispensing Reiki by simply "laying on of your hands" can alleviate your airborne ailments - and, that too without moving from your seat

Wear Advantage

At no other time is dressing for success more critical than when you are preparing for an interview

Pilgrim’s Progress

The spiritual joy you derive from visiting a holy shrine is not equal to any other

Heal Together

There's in each of us a person who can be a catalyst - to help us bond well and "heal"


Arun Ganapathy