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Pilgrim’s Progress

The spiritual joy you derive from visiting a holy shrine is not equal to any other

Heal Together

There's in each of us a person who can be a catalyst - to help us bond well and "heal"
woman holding a cat

Pet Therapy: Angels in Disguise

When you let an animal befriend you, it won't take long to discover the difference it will make in your life

Quantum Touch: Hands-on Healing

A rising star in the world of energy healing - Quantum-Touch - offers people in every walk of life the opportunity to experience profound healing

What’s Handy for Your Feet

Ever thought of your hand and feet in your regular beauty routine?

Winds of Change

Living well for today's woman means a lot more than health. It encompasses a broad range of issues in every aspect of her existence

Breathe Free

To breathe means to live and to live means to breathe

When Love Blooms

A happy, successful marriage is like honeymoon that lasts a lifetime

Hips Don’t Lie

Every question in the world, no matter how absurd, or difficult, has an answer. Or, do they?

Tolerate, Don’t Suppress

Emotions, if not expressed from time to time, lead to suppression. This can affect our health, directly and indirectly


Arun Ganapathy