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close-up of young woman reading a book

The therapeutic power of reading books

Reading not only empowers your health and personality, but is also entertaining and rejuvenating
Dance to keep you mind, body and soul fit

Dance to keep your mind, body and soul fit

Get your dancing shoes on. Dancing is a psychological therapy that provides a great mind-body workout
Beautiful young woman running with headphones

Stay active to beat stress

Physical activity in any form, like a relaxing walk, yoga, jogging or T'ai chi, helps to relieve stress
Depressed Girl

How to Raise Your Emotional Threshold

Anger, sorrow, depression and such negative emotions occur to some people at the drop of a hat because their emotional thresholds are low

Flashes of Insanity

Among the many things we keep piling up in our daily fast-forward lives, we include stress and tension too. Let go of it before it turns disastrous

How to manage your mood

Our moods determine our response towards events in our life. Understanding our moods, and learning how to manage them is, therefore, critical. Some practical mood management tips
Young women friends talking things over

How talking things over can help and heal

So, you've thought and thought, but have only reached the dead end? It's time you talked!
How emotions make us sick

How Emotions Make Us Sick and How Counseling Can Help

You are your own best friend and your worst enemy
Man demanding

To Be Happy, Change Your Demands Into Preferences

Demanding that our interest be served irrespective of others is a sure-shot recipe for abiding unhappiness