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Back pain? Sit right!

Why sitting slumped in front of your PC, or laptop, won't help your back's cause one bit

Sleep apnoea: It Takes Your Breath Away

Sleep apnoea [apnea] is temporary stoppage of breathing in sleep. It can cause health problems
Silhouette of a woman doing yoga outdoors at dawn

A Prelude to Ashtanga

Ashtanga yoga helps us lead a purposeful life

ABC of Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a swelling of the liver. It can lead to liver malfunction and scarring, or cirrhosis, and also cancer

Blame it on Your Sinus

Have you ever had nasal blockages with running nose, sneezing along with tiredness, due to body ache? It may be sinusitis.

Healing Power of Sleep

Sleep is often forgotten, ignored, and expended. It is occasionally longed for, but rarely studied
athlete working out and checking his pulse

Thyroid care

Your thyroid gland holds the key to metabolism and maintenance of optimal health

Parkinson’s Disease: When tremors rule

While it is difficult to diagnose Parkinson's disease, early diagnosis may help slow down its progression

Keep fit, stay young

Age is as much in the mind as it is in the body. Treat your body right and keep a good check on your emotions to stay fitter, healthier, and longer
Pregnant lady on yoga mat

Yoga for the expectant mom

The correct practice of yoga is more than useful during pregnancy