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Diabetes: Common Myths

To reduce or avoid sugar, among other things, is a common dilemma for diabetics

Diabetes: Are you at Risk?

Diabetes spares no one. It has no gender bias; no racial, or cultural, barriers. It can affect anyone, including you and me

Keep the Golden Years Golden

Preventing and treating common old-age problems naturally hold the key to optimal health

Blame it on posture

More and more people, from teenagers to the elderly, are complaining of neck pain. Why?
Tree pose or Vrikshana | yoga

Ashtanga Explained

Yoga is not just exercise; it is the deep well of pure, unlimited joy

HAY FEVER: A nosey affair

Itchy, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, or cough? It could be due to pollution-induced allergy

Make your kitchen germ-free

A tidy kitchen keeps diseases at bay

Obesity: Battle of the Bulge

Obesity, a major cause for concern worldwide, is more than a growing epidemic. It is time we tackled its many dangers effectively

Pain in the elbow

Tennis elbow can be treated with simple measures such as ice bag, adequate rest and a slice of ginger

Back pain? Sit right!

Why sitting slumped in front of your PC, or laptop, won't help your back's cause one bit