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close up of woman's face and skin issues

10 widely held misconceptions about skincare

From acne to skincare regimes and beauty products to diet, get your facts right about caring for your skin
Woman with hand on her hair

Steps to revive your dry and damaged hair

A dermatologist tells you what to do and what to avoid to transform your dry, damaged hair into a crowning glory
3d illustration of man on wheelchair with dumbbells

Vital exercises for those with limited mobility

Don’t let limited mobility become an excuse for not exercising. It could, in fact, help you to get back in action

You will love these 10 handy tips to help you manage your hair

Women know that long hair is not easy to manage. But Patry Jordan has discovered some creative ways to help you with your hair
Woman wearing sunglasses and head scarf, pollution

How to pollution-proof your skin and hair

You don’t have to move to the country side to protect your skin and hair from the perils of pollution. Just follow this simple tips to the T.
various steps of makeup application

Avoid these 10 common makeup blunders

Makeup and beauty blogger Shreya shares the top mistakes that even expert makeup users make and tells you how to avoid them
Fresh walnut kernels in a basket

Are you a gym enthusiast? You should know about these workout injuries

Common sense can prevent most workout injuries, says an orthopaedist and sports medicine surgeon
Roger Frampton on how sitting on chairs is destroying our healthvideo

Model and fitness expert shows how sitting on chairs is destroying our health

No matter how comfortable or ergonomically designed your chair is, you are just not designed to sit on them, says Roger Frampton

Skincare in rains: Look dazzling even when it drizzles

Lack lustre skin, frizzy hair and infections have you hiding indoors? Here’s how to manage your looks when the wet weather conspires against you

Dandruff? Here’s what you should know

Learn the real truth behind those pesky white scales of dandruff and keep them at bay with these tips