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Man spraying deodorant

Watch Out for These Toxic Ingredients in Your Deodorant

Smelling good isn’t worth your good health! Here's a list of potentially harmful ingredients to look out for before buying your next deodorant
Stretching after a run

Maximize Your Workouts: The Power of Stretching During and After Exercise

No matter what form of exercise appeals to you — walking, jogging, weight training, or dancing — stretching during or after the session helps
Man doing cardio exercise on a treadmill

Cardio Exercises: Expert Insights Into Your Top 5 Questions

Despite being a popular form of workout, there are many doubts surrounding cardio. Here are answers to the top 5 questions about cardio exercise

Best Time for Cardio (According to Fitness Experts)

Morning or evening? On an empty stomach or not? Weights before or after? We answer the big questions about the best time for cardio
Woman with yoga mat | Concept for exercise mitigates fatigue post breast cancer treatment

Exercise helps mitigate fatigue post breast cancer treatment

Exercise can help mitigate cancer-related fatigue and decreased quality of life in breast cancer patients post radiotherapy
beautiful young woman in gym with headphones | pre-workout routine concept

Pre-workout routine: 7 habits to maximize your exercise gains

A well thought out pre-workout routine is indispensable for anyone who takes exercise seriously
young woman in gym working out her back | concept for exercise as per dosha

What’s the best exercise for your Ayurvedic dosha?

Knowledge about your dosha and the effect different exercises will have on it can help you design your perfect exercise programme
Fit young man sitting in meditation pose inside a gym

5 hacks for reaching your fitness goals faster

Are you struggling to reaching your fitness goals? Here's a list of five simple hacks that will help you get on track
Woman trying kitchen-based beauty treatments

9 beauty treatments hidden in your kitchen

Your kitchen hides several wonderful beauty treatments that are simple, safe and effective without costing a bomb
Young woman exercising in a gym | exercise strengthens immunity

How exercise strengthens immunity

Exercising in moderation on a regular basis strengthens immunity in multiple ways