9 beauty treatments hidden in your kitchen

Your kitchen hides several wonderful beauty treatments that are simple, safe and effective without costing a bomb

Woman trying kitchen-based beauty treatments

For ages, women all over the world have spent a fortune over cosmetics and beauty treatments to make their skin more supple and glowing and the mane shining with good health. But what if there was a way to enhance your looks that didn’t cost a bomb and yet was safe and effective, without any harmful chemicals?

Well, not only does such a way exist, but it is easily available to all as it’s found in every kitchen.

Yes, your kitchen hides many beauty secrets that can improve your skin and hair in a jiffy. There are myriad things available easy-at-hand that can help you improve your looks. Let’s look at a few beauty treatments found commonly in any kitchen. These work wonder—believe me, I have tried them all and have had amazing results.

9 beauty treatments hidden in your kitchen

1. This concoction will tighten your skin pores

Open pores look ugly and cause pimples. Here is a great way to cure open pores. Add a spoon of lemon juice and a spoon of curd to a grated tomato. Mix well. Apply all over the face, neck and arms. Wash the paste off with warm water after half an hour. This is very good for open pores and is an effective bleach too.

2. Watermelon juice helps reduce blemishes and scars

Blemishes and scars mar a perfect complexion. To get rid of them, use watermelon juice. Apply some grated watermelon on the face. Wash the paste off with warm water after half an hour.

3. Try a slice of papaya for that glow

Papaya gives an instant glow to the face. Mash a slice of ripe papaya and apply on the face. Wash off with warm water, after 20-30 mins.

4. Use table sugar to rejuvenate your skin

To rejuvenate the skin instantly, use sugar. Sugar sloughs off the dead cells and leaves behind soft glowing skin. Take a spoonful of sugar granules. Add a few drops of water and massage it lightly on your face and hands. Wash off with water.

5. Want soft, shiny hair? Try vinegar

Add half a cup of vinegar to a mug full of water. Rinse your hair with this mixture after shampooing to get soft shiny hair.

6. Tea is an excellent hair conditioner

Another excellent hair conditioner is tea. Boil a spoon of tea leaves in a glass of water. Strain and cool. Use this as the last rinse and see your hair shine.

7. Cucumber makes your eyes sparkle

Cut two roundels of cucumber. Place it on the eyes and lie down for half an hour. See your eyes sparkle.

8. Make those dark circles vanish

For getting rid of dark circles under the eyes, take a spoon of honey. Add some lemon juice and milk cream. Mix well and apply under the eyes. Wash gently with warm water after half an hour.

9. Refresh your tired-looking skin with a ripe banana

Banana is another great pick-me-up for tired looking skin. Mash a ripe banana. You can utilise the overripe ones that no one eats. Mix a little milk cream and apply all over the face and neck. Let it dry before washing off.

This article first appeared in the August 2008 issue of Complete Wellbeing magazine as part of the cover story.

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