5 hacks for reaching your fitness goals faster

Are you struggling to reaching your fitness goals? Here's a list of five simple hacks that will help you get on track

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When aiming for fitness goals, many people want to reach them as quickly as possible. While there is no secret formula that will work for everyone, there are a variety of things you can explore that could help to accelerate your progress. Here’s a list of five simple hacks that will get your started.

5 hacks for reaching your fitness goals faster

1. Keep a journal

Keeping a fitness and food diary is one of the best things you can do to stay on track and reach your fitness goals faster. Some people prefer to leave out any structured tracking of their activity and intake and focus on what feels right for their body, but it can still help to monitor the exercise you’re doing and the foods you’re eating. Not only does this help you to track any trends and changes you see, but it can motivate you to stay on track. It’s a particularly useful tool if you’re working with a fitness coach or nutritional therapist who will be able to analyze and make recommendations based on your current schedule.

2. Take targeted supplements

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just feel better in yourself, there are many different supplements on the market. Aim to buy natural and organic supplements and always consult with your doctor before you start regularly taking any supplements.

There are some supplements that can help with building muscle, as mentioned in this post, but it’s important to ensure they are the right ones for you to take. Other supplements can help to target key deficiencies you may be experiencing, such as iron or magnesium. In turn, balancing these areas can help to promote better health.

3. Reduce your stress

The irony of working out when you’re stressed and tired is that it can be counterproductive and slow down the progress you’re making towards your fitness goals. Keeping stress levels low and reducing your anxiety levels is one of the best ways you can work towards better overall health while achieving your fitness goals as quickly as possible.

Reducing your stress should be considered as part of a longer-term strategy, with your fitness routine as a part of it. If you’re tired at the end of a long day, avoid going for a heavy workout at the gym. If you have a lot to pack into your schedule in the morning, don’t overload yourself with more stress by going for a run if it will only make you feel under more pressure.

4. Switch things up

Doing something different can surprise your body while also keeping your workouts and routine fresh and interesting for you. Trying out a new workout every few weeks or switching up your routine each month can prevent your body from becoming accustomed to one type of exercise. There are so many different exercises you can do, and throughout the week you could fit in some high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio, and weight training.

5. Combine different exercises

Reaching your fitness goals faster can be achieved faster if you combine a variety of exercises and workouts. Rather than only focusing on weight training or going to the gym just for the cardio machines, combine these different exercises for maximum effect.

Yoga, meditation, and stretching are also important types of exercise to include in your routine throughout the week. Try out a new fitness class at your gym or ask a friend to join you for some relaxing walks outdoors.


Reaching your fitness goals isn’t just as simple as going to the gym on a regular basis. It’s important to get a good balance, look after your overall health, and consider things such as supplements, which can add value to your routine and wellbeing.

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