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boy with his father sitting on a sea shore

The parental litmus test

Your children should be able to take your unconditional love and acceptance for granted. Are you up to it?

Behind the secrets

There’s no telling what secrets your children will keep from you if you judge them harshly

Are you a conscious parent?

Transcend your regular parent-child relationship to connect with each other on a whole new level

Spare the rod… and your child

Hitting children is not the best policy to discipline them. There are other more effective and non-violent methods

Challenges of parenting young adults

Parenting does not stop once your child becomes an adult, but what changes is the way you approach it

Papa don’t preach

The generation gap makes parenting a teenager challenging

Just do it, my child

Your children are not your second chance at realising your unfulfilled desires and dreams in life
Child counting money coins

Teach your child what really counts

If you want your children to inherit true wealth, make them financially literate
Mother and adolescent daughter chatting on bed

Adolescence: Boys to men, Girls to women

Adolescence is a confusing time for the child as well as the parents

Get ready for school

A child's first day at school is a bag of mixed feelings both for the child and for the parents. We help you make it a happy experience