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Lessons in spiritual parenting

The ancient texts offer a wealth of timeless wisdom for raising children to be confident, calm and happy individuals

My parenting secret

An experience of a first-time mother on how she is mastering the art of parenting

Managing a single child

There are several stereotypes associated with single children: spoilt, selfish, attention-seeking. Let's find out how true they really are

Set your child free

Don't impose your thoughts and beliefs on your children. Love them for who they are and not for whom you want them to be
mother reading to her child

Inculcate the reading habit in your child

Read to your children to develop the love of reading in them. It's a gift for which they'll never thank you enough

How to raise an optimist

Show your child the brighter side to help him/her grow up happy and independent

When kids whine:Whinotherapy

Children use constant whining as a weapon to get what they want. Some simple tips to keep it under control

Couple fights: Daddy v/s Mummy

Keep your child out of your blame game. Forcing your child to take sides and choose among parents is equal to sentencing her to a lifetime of hell

The parenting handbook

Being a parent is the most important job of your life. Some ways to help you do it well and enjoy it too

How to be a better parent

Simple dos and don'ts, so that you can be a better parent