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Happy woman gesturing OK with her hands

Are you desperate for the approval of others?

If you're always looking for appreciation and approval from others, you're not living your own life
Pretty woman holding clothes donation box; instant abundance

Want instant abundance? Try this!

The beauty of giving freely is that it signifies abundance
a pail of water / concept of enlightenment

Enlightenment: chopping wood, carrying water

Do you feel that enlightenment, or spiritual awakening, is out of your reach because it's reserved for a select few?
Lazy man lying on sofa, eating and watching TV

Evaluate your priorities

Excuses reveal priorities. When we offer an excuse to do [or not do] something, it's only because there's something else that's more important to us
Vintage theatre spot light on black curtain with smoke

What’s your spotlight on?

Problems will call for your attention from time to time. The trick is to know when to turn the spotlight away from them—and onto something good
Reputations restrain

Your reputation is bondage; let it go

Try living without the pressure of keeping up a good image
love test

Love test

Looking for guaranteed compatibility is preposterous!
A painkiller for your mind

Compassion: A painkiller for your mind

Compassion can be likened to a painkiller, except that physical painkillers offer temporary relief whereas compassion has long-term effects.
Completely in love

Completely in love

Love is the most powerful phenomenon we experience. It is also the most misunderstood
Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2011

A running lesson

How to achieve marathon goals in life