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Coloured postage stamps on man face / concept of New Year resolutions

This New Year, Just Stop and Be Mindful

This New Year, don't run, don't hide, don't resolve, don't decide. Just cease doing whatever it is you do, and meet yourself
Illustration of stress at work | concept for making work stress-free

The key to making your work stress-free

Work stress has become an all pervasive symptom of our modern, over-connected and over-stimulated world. How can we make work stress-free?
Men fighting with sword

Why we need the Golden Rule

Every relationship will shine and glitter when you follow the Golden Rule
man turned out his pockets / rich poor concept

Rich man, poor man

Do you have the one wealth that really matters?
Little girl hands shadow / fear concept

How to Deal With Your Fears

Fear is able to grip you only because you haven't seen it for what it is
Friends eating watermelon slices outdoor / influence

Feeling stuck in life? Check the company you keep

Are your circumstances preventing you from reaching your potential? Or is there another reason?
Illustration: Albert Einstein

Let your children grow into the best version of themselves

Children need just a little encouragement and dollops of patience to discover their true potential
Close-ip ofa human eye / concept of perceptions

Refresh your perceptions

Your prejudices distort your perceptions; try seeing people with fresh eyes everyday
Paper and pencil

Entitlement: When right is wrong

Entitlement is nothing but the ego's false (and futile) sense of superiority
Handcuffs, concept of forgiveness

The Prime Beneficiary of Forgiveness Is the One Who Forgives

Once you understand how forgiveness works, you will never again think of withholding it