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Beautiful sad girl in the woods

Staying in turmoil

We have learnt that pain and suffering are our enemies and we must run away from them but this belief might be preventing us from growing
hand holding gold coins

The thief who returned his loot

And he did so because he felt he could get something much more valuable
Gift box with uncertainty tag

The man who eliminated uncertainty

What would happen if the future was certain?
Young handsome man smiling in happiness

Happiness is not practical

To the author, the pursuit of happiness makes more sense than mindlessly chasing security, which is nothing more than an illusion
Man with folded hands praying to God

Why forgiveness is not divine

Find out how the oft-quoted quip, "To err is human, to forgive divine" is often used to justify not forgiving
Happy woman with baloon; freedom

Where are you seeking love and joy?

Understanding one simple truth can set you free
Key with keychain

A question of being

How do you answer the oft-asked question, "What do you do?"
Man looking in the car mirror

Past imperfect, future tensed

Dwelling in the past is risky and useless
Spacks, news paper with tea

Start your day happy—stop reading or watching news

Starting your day with the newspaper or the morning bulletin helps little but harms a lot
man wearing a tie is frustrated driving car, seems to be complaining

So what are you complaining about today?

Complaining is a pointless habit that robs you of your happiness and keeps you stuck in a problem mindset