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Is there a stranger in your closet?

Who do you see when you look into your closet?

Nourished hair is healthy, shiny and beautiful

The key to beautiful, healthy hair is hidden in your diet; a nutritionist tells you how you can bring back the sheen to your locks

Sensitive teeth: Sore no more

Sensitive teeth can make you feel downright miserable. But proper dental care will turn that frown into a smile in no time

Saving the world one paper towel at a time

Can it really be that simple? Does it work? Try and let us know.
Lady with long hair

Rinsing rights

Poor shampooing habits could cause more harm to your mane than you realise
Woman smiling

The sparkle in your smile

Has your smile lost its lustre? Perhaps, it’s time you opted for teeth whitening

Hair: Damage control

Damaged hair? Here’s what you can do to save your hair from going bad to worse
Painting of a woman at salon

The secret to a superior salon experience

The difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary experience at the salon lies in the way you carry yourself
Woman placed cucumber for eye care

Everyday eye care

Eyes are precious. Keep them healthy by following these simple tips and preventive measures
Woman with straight hair

Taming the twists

Considering straightening your hair? Familiarise yourself with the dos and don’ts to avoid regretting your decision


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