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Take care of your hair

Worried about the chunks of hair you lose everyday? There are ways to stop it

Healthy nails, happy you

Some simple, yet effective, tips can help you keep your nails healthy and attractive

Take care of your eyes

Eyes are delicate organs that perform the vital function of sight. It is important to take good care, right from an early age

Hair to Dye for

Hair colour offers an instant change to anyone's look. These changes can range from simple and subtle to major and dramatic. Hair colour can also impact hair texture since it instantly adds volume to thin, fine strands and may also impact curls and waves in certain cases
Dandruff causes itching onscalp

Dandruff in Monsoon

Come monsoon, come dandruff! Not to worry, if you take remedial measures promptly

Great Looking Lips

Attractive lips are smooth, well-defined and coloured in a shade that gels well with your skin tone

Mane Magic: hair care tips

Follow these simple hair care tips and watch your hair bounce with sheer joy

Hair likes and dislikes

What helps your hairstyle to stay in shape?

Get rid of those dark circles

Eye circles are dark blemishes that leave tell-tale signs of stress on your face

Beat the Heat

Summer is a big challenge to your skin. It need not be so - if nature's cooling tools are put to good use