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Poor shampooing habits could cause more harm to your mane than you realise

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It’s unbelievable how many people still don’t know the right way to shampoo, despite it being one of the most basic hygiene practises. Perhaps that’s because there is still less clarity on the basics of using a shampoo.

The more foam, the better the results

Don’t be fooled by models in shampoo commercials lathering up huge amounts of foam on their scalp. This may cause you to overuse your shampoo. A coin-sized amount of shampoo is enough to lubricate both hair and scalp. In fact, too much foam means a helping of shampoo that is way more than what is required. It’s the ingredients in the shampoo and not the foam that cleans the hair.

Medicated shampoos are the best

Medicated shampoos are used to treat scalp problems and shouldn’t be used as regular shampoos. Moreover, they should only be used on the recommendation of a doctor and should be discontinued once the problem has been solved. Also, it’s recommended to avoid using conditioners while using medicated shampoos.

Baby shampoo is great for adults because it is gentle

All shampoos contain some proportion of detergents. The amount of detergents in baby shampoos is low, which is what makes them milder than adult shampoos. However, they may not be sufficient to clean adult hair that is exposed to dust, pollution and styling products. Baby shampoos may suit some people with very fine hair but are not the best option for all.

Combing your hair after you’ve shampooed it helps in even distribution of shampoo

Wet hair is fragile and prone to breakage. Also, the combing after applying the shampoo does not help in any way. Once the shampoo is evenly applied on the hair and scalp, use finger tips to gently massage the scalp and clean the hair. Any detangling hair should be done before one gets into the shower or after the hair has dried.

The less frequently you shampoo, the more the oil on your scalp

Our scalp secretes the same amount of oil every day irrespective of our hair wash routine. So cutting back or increasing the frequency of washing your hair has no effect on the sebaceous gland’s ability to secrete oil. It’s important to rinse the hair well and not leave any residue of shampoo as it can cause itching and lead to dandruff.

For best results shampoo twice

Not necessarily. It depends on how greasy your hair is or if your hair contains oil or styling products. If your hair is dry or has been recently shampooed, then the second helping only strips the natural oils and will make your hair frizzy.

This was first published in the July 2012 issue of Complete Wellbeing

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