Answers to commonly asked questions on office romance

Organisational psychologist Amy Nicole Baker shares the real answers to commonly asked questions about office romance

Office romance is a highly controversial issue and most people are clueless about how to deal with it. While falling in love is a great experience, when your beloved happens to be coworker, it can, and often does, get complicated. If you’re rather be safe than sorry, watch this TED video in which organisational psychologist Amy Nicole Baker clear the air as she answers the 7 most commonly asked questions about office romance.

The 7 questions on office romance

  1. Should you date your coworker?
  2. Should you date your boss/superior?
  3. Should you date your subordinate?
  4. Should workplace couples keep their relationships secret?
  5. Why are coworkers so often attracted to each other?
  6. What should you do if a coworker flirts with you?
  7. Should there be a policy on workplace relationship?

Watch this short video from TED original series to learn answers to the above questions.

About Amy Nicole Baker

Amy Nicole Baker received a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from the University of Maryland. Her research interests are in workplace romance, organizational climate, perceptions of women in the workplace and dual-earner couples. Her work has been published in some of the top journals in her field, including the Journal of Applied Psychology and Educational and Psychological Measurement.


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