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Mayuri Sharrma
Mayuri Sharrma is a Tarot Card Reader, Columnist and Freelance Writer. Because she is already aware of what the future holds, she enjoys unwrapping the present.

Travel Travails

How memorable your journey will depend a lot on who your co-travellers are

Of Habit and Habits

A habit is something you do without thinking - which is why most of us have so many of them

What’s the Big Rush?

What's the hurry? Where are you going?

Say “No” to “Yes”

What are the consequences of saying "No?" Go figure!

Hips Don’t Lie

Every question in the world, no matter how absurd, or difficult, has an answer. Or, do they?

Pet peeves

Why endearing nicknames can bring your world tumbling down

Ouch… I’m Fat

Of lean, mean diet fads and the obsession to be "lightweight"

Cell-O-fun: Cell phone manners

Of cell phones, nay hell phones, manners and other related idiosyncrasies

Laughter: Jam on the Toast of Life

Laughing your way to the bank of happiness is easier than you thought