Laughter: Jam on the Toast of Life

Laughing your way to the bank of happiness is easier than you thought

Santa ClausWhile tackling each day of our hectic lives, we need more than just our five senses to keep us going. This is where the sixth sense that most of us possess [or, we thought we have!], or can cultivate with some help and effort, comes in.

Our sixth sense is, quite simply, the sense of humour.

American author and humourist Garrison Keillor said, “Humour is not a trick, not jokes. Humour is a presence in the world, like grace, and shines on everybody.”

  • Humour shouldn’t translate to just being funny and cracking jokes at parties or around the office cooler; it should be our outlook of life
  • It should help us laugh at our mistakes and pain and, in the process, minimise damage and maximise healing
  • Laughter is the jam on the toast of life. It adds flavour, keeps it from being too dry and makes it easier to swallow.

Be like Santa

Santa Claus’s endearing, cheery face and deep “Ho-Ho-Ho-belly-laugh” brings a warm smile to the faces of even the most cynical among us. This is the power of laughter. Picture this: such hearty laughter after handling nine flying reindeers and distributing presents all around the world in the span of a couple of hours! We have not yet mentioned the entire year spent up in the icy-cold North Pole, without a play-station or TV, mind you! So, if Santa can still laugh through all THAT, why can’t we?

Laughter, the best medicine

Laughter is internal workout that boosts the immune system making you feel good instantly and effortlessly. Notice how terrific you feel after watching a rib-tickling comedy, or reading a funny book, or after having spent a light-hearted evening with friends.

  • Laughter is a calorie-free indulgence that costs nothing, even if it is at your expense
  • Laughter releases endorphins, also known as the “feel-happy” hormones, which help to reduce pain. These are the same hormones that are released after a rigorous workout, or biting a chocolate bar
  • Laughter not only makes you more approachable, but also attracts people to you and ensures that your smiling countenance or witty quip remains in their memory long after they’ve met you.

Sharing is laughing

Everyone is comfortable and wants to be around someone who can make them laugh. The more you share your sense of humour, the more friends you will have. The sparkle in your eyes and the glow on your face are added beauty bonuses that make you look physically attractive too.

A person without a sense of humour is at the mercy of others, but, if you can laugh at yourself and can make light of any situation or embarrassment, you prevent others from magnifying it too.

Well-timed laughter has the power to turn around a serious situation and lighten it immediately. It eases tense situations, reducing the anxiety, anger, stress and irritation that surround us.

So, be serious about life, but don’t take it too seriously!

Toss your worries to the wind, tilt your face up to the sun and laugh, because remember, he or she that laughs, lasts.

Mayuri Sharrma
Mayuri Sharrma is a Tarot Card Reader, Columnist and Freelance Writer. Because she is already aware of what the future holds, she enjoys unwrapping the present.


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