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Open Marriage: Is it healthy?

Everything about it is "open," yes, but its very basis is nothing short of self-annihilation

Boost your Romantic Index

When you work to increase your desirability, you shoot up your romantic index. It shows as passion in your and your partner's eyes

GRANDPARENTS: playmates like no other

There's something eternal and unchanging about the grandparent-child relationship
Family picture

Be a Loving Parent

Parenting is a delicate balancing act

Yes and No of Marriage

For some the very thought of marriage is nothing short of confusion - nay dilemma. Why?
Man caring woman

Caress and Express

When you touch your partner tenderly, you create an electric circle of energy and merge in intimate embrace

Know Your Partner

Find your "Perfect-10" to keep your love relationship hot. In the process, let your partner know that you are very special and wanted

When your Child Rebels

It ain't good to be complacent or cowed down by your child's mutiny
Different Strokes: Attraction between opposites

Different Strokes: Attraction between opposites

Opposites attract, it is said. The big question is: do they remain attracted to each other, or do they drift apart after the early spark is gone?

Friends Indeed

To confide, or not to confide, in friends is the big question


Arun Ganapathy