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Teacher and pupil: A Strong Bond

The teacher is the sculptor and the pupil a mound of clay

Keeping Secrets

What makes hiding certain facts for a while, or even permanently, a common behaviour in relationships?

Friends indeed!

True friendship is a tree of slow growth, and friends are the most important part of our life
Man and woman sitting in the beach

This counsellor couple share why marriage is a wonderful thing

Rajan and Minnu Bhonsle share their views about how to make marriage a step toward your spiritual growth and why open marriages are fake relationships
Couple in romantic mood

Rules of Attraction

You walk into a party, and wham - there is someone who you would like to get to know better!

Touching Lives

Doctors' day July 1: CW salutes doctors for their work in making our world a better, healthier place

Open Marriage: Is it healthy?

Everything about it is "open," yes, but its very basis is nothing short of self-annihilation

Boost your Romantic Index

When you work to increase your desirability, you shoot up your romantic index. It shows as passion in your and your partner's eyes

GRANDPARENTS: playmates like no other

There's something eternal and unchanging about the grandparent-child relationship
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Be a Loving Parent

Parenting is a delicate balancing act


Arun Ganapathy