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Illustration: businessman pointing finger, playing the blame game

Want to Stay Happy? Stop Playing This Game!

There’s a game that almost everyone likes to play all over the world. The game is popular among children, adults and even most elders — and everyone loses
Man thinking about why mindfulness is so hard

Why is Mindfulness So Hard to Practice?

Because of its revelational nature, being mindful can be pretty unpleasant in the beginning; but the author has decided to stick with it
Buterfly sitting on hand / Understanding real value

What do you really value?

One of the gifts of living mindfully is that you are able to discern what has real value in life
Illustration: A boy feeling guilty and a boy realising

The divine paradox of mistakes

The author points to a fresh way of looking at mistakes we commit
Contemplative woman sitting alone on a bed | Concept of vulnerability

The wisdom of vulnerability

Recognising that you are vulnerable blesses you with wisdom that was previously inaccessible to you
A clouds with two bird

Float like the clouds, fly like the birds

On a clear day, the author watches the white clouds and the birds in the sky and contemplates the profundity in Nature's simplicity
Mand reading book

A quest to cherish

There is no such thing as "an ideal life"; there's only a quest to learn, to grow and to become a greater version of oneself, says the editor of Complete Wellbeing
A bird sitting on the top on log

Are you living an unnatural, normal life?

Being normal may be socially desirable but it isn't necessarily natural
The story of the Lion and the Crippled Fox

Story of the Lion and the Fox

A simple fable with a profound lesson on service and surrender
Silhouette of a victorious man on top of a mountain

The point of struggle

Is struggle always futile or does it play an important role in life?