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Woman aiming with an arrow | Concept of being mindful in stressful situations

How to Be Mindful in Stressful Situations

Skill and knowledge have no value unless they are accompanied by unwavering composure
Happy man driving | Concept for mindfulness while driving

Practicing mindfulness while driving

The daily commute is a fantastic opportunity to practice mindfulness, says the author
Dada Vaswani and Manoj Khatri

Being like Dada Vaswani

The author reminisces about his divine encounter with Dada J P Vaswani one beautiful Sunday morning
Concept for not sharing ideas | Woman gesturing shhhh

Why sharing your ideas could backfire

Two reasons why you should resist the temptation of sharing your ideas with others (and no, it's not because they might steal it!)
Hand offering help to a woman in need

Going beyond personal fulfilment

Success takes on a fresh new flavour when you do what you love doing with the intent of serving others and not just for personal fulfilment
Man dreaming about material gains in meditation | Concept of authentic spirituality

Authentic spirituality in the age of decadence

Hedonistic pursuit of pleasure under the garb of spirituality is a worldwide phenomenon that has brought millions into its fold. Are you, too, a victim?
Of our obsession with beginnings and endings

Of our obsession with beginnings and endings

Our preoccupation with beginnings and endings, with the mysteries of birth and death, takes us away from the only reality—the present moment
Man lifting old hourglass | Attention is your real currency

Your attention is your real currency

The simple act of refocussing your attention releases enormous energy that can empower you to bring about great transformation in your life
Man entering doors of true success

What Is Meant By True Success

In our modern society, working hard to succeed has long been considered a virtue. Little do we realise that what we are chasing isn't true success at all
Woman sitting on a window sill with feelings of hopelessness

The Paradox of Hope

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, they say. But sometimes the lemons life throws at you are rotten. What do you do then?