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Stress relief concept | woman laughing watching something funny

3 non-traditional ways of stress relief

Candle lit bubble baths not your thing? Consider these non-traditional ways of reducing stress
Mother supporting her anxious teen

Helping Your Anxious Teen: A Guide for Parents

Teenagers are often ill-equipped to cope with anxiety. Let us look at some ways in which parents can support their anxious teen
The 5 Stages of Grief Concept

How I Experienced the 5 Stages of Grief

Losing a parent is one of the hardest things in the world. Yet, it is a part of the natural cycle of life. A daughter takes us through the five stages of grief she underwent on the loss of the father she idolised
Young pretty woman enjoying a good laugh outdoors

Dada Vaswani on coping with sadness: Laugh and let go

Using anecdotes and the wisdom of scriptures, Dada Vaswani teaches us how to cope with sadness by learning to laugh and let go
Adult daughter with her mother | Mother wounds concept

How I healed my mother wounds

A doctor recounts the wounds inflicted by the traumatic relationship she had with her mother and shares her path to recovery
Concept of child with ADHD symptoms

Understanding ADHD: Diagnosis and treatment

Though ADHD has no known cure, a combination of medication and behavioural therapy, can help one manage and cope with ADHD symptoms. Let's find out more...
10 ways to be happy now | man with happy and sad face

10 Steps to Be Happy Now!

Are you looking for ways to turn around your sadness instantly? Here are 10 ways that will perk you up and make you happy right away
Man looking at his reflection in the window | Concept for being authentic

Why Being Authentic Is the Key to Happiness

Being authentic involves living your life in accordance with your own values, beliefs, inclinations and aspirations
Husband gaslighting wife

7 signs of gaslighting + 9 steps to deal with it

If you're a victim of gaslighting, you can take concrete steps today to deal with this challenge for the sake of your mental health
Concept of Suicide | How to help a suicidal friend

How to Help a Friend Who is Feeling Suicidal

With the help of a true story, a psychotherapist tells you what you can do to help a friend who is showing signs of wanting to ‘end it all’