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Man looking nervous with hands on face / imposter syndrome

The curious case of the Imposter Syndrome

Do you doubt your own competence? Do you believe that your achievements are only due to a stroke of luck? You could be suffering from Imposter Syndrome
The boss appreciates his team member

Are you doing this one thing for your team’s morale?

Appreciation has power to improve your business but unless you shower genuine praise on your team, the good results won’t show
Tensed man in tie sitting on his breifcase with his hand on his head, frustrated in career

Hit a plateau in your career? Here’s what you can do

A veteran career counsellor has a plan for those who feel they have reached a dead-end in their current jobs
Boss coaching his subordinate

The subtle art of coaching your team

An effective coach is both, a good manager and a good leader. An executive coach offers techniques to help you achieve this balance
Woman in suit pointing finger on bullseye

9 hot tips to cultivate a razor sharp focus at work

Having difficulty concentrating on projects or tasks at work? Ciara Conlon shares some tips on how you can get things done
Man showing thumbs up and thumbs down; body language

Never make these body language mistakes at work

The way you carry yourself, including your posture and hand gestures, sends across a message that is louder than the words you say.
isolated blue chess pawn among red pawns

How to create your unique style of leadership

An effective leader never tries to copy anyone’s style of leadership; here are some principles that have helped a senior executive become a better leader

Warning! Your working style might be killing you slowly

It’s hard to imagine that any job is worth the damage it does to your health over time, says Tom Rath

Discover the four-step process that leads to happier employees and higher profits

As a leader of people, you need to remove obstacles and encourage happiness in every facet of your business, says Karl Staib

9 things new moms should consider before returning to work

Sheela Preuitt offers some practical tips to those new mothers who are contemplating returning to their work life after the baby break


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