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Stressed man at work / being mindful at work

5 steps to help you be mindful at your workplace

Being mindful is the key that could halt your descent into the downward spiral of stress and anxiety when things go wrong at work
man with arms outstretched

How fine-tuning your awareness can make you more successful

Heightened awareness removes digressions and paves a clear path to success
man in business suit with arms outstretched, work-life balance

The effortless way to work-life balance

Believe it or not, a balanced approach to work and life leads to more success
You can succeed without compromising your values

You can succeed without compromising your values

It is possible to achieve the success you desire while sticking to the values close to your heart

Are you being an authentic leader?

Authentic leadership endures because it exists as a function of the individual rather than a crowd of borrowed opinions

5 rules to follow as you bring your spark to life

Are you looking to find your individual spark, your calling in life? Simon Sinek shares 5 rules that will help you realize it
Man sitting in meditation at office

8 simple ways to bring yourself to the present moment

Sharpening your present-moment awareness not only improves your effectiveness at work but also makes you more joyous
Tired woman working with a laptop / burnout concept

Here’s How I sidestepped Imminent Burnout at Work

Avoiding burnout requires you to do little things on a regular basis before the stress gets at you
man tired, many files office

How to un-trap yourself from difficult work situations

Save yourself from being exploited at work by using this simple four-step approach
woman executive meditating

5 practical ways to apply the wisdom of Vedanta to workplace situations

Your office can be the perfect place to start applying the principles of Vedanta and establish some sanity in a work of chaos