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Cappadocia land of rocky cones and giant pillars

Discover Cappadocia: The Land of Fairy Chimneys

The author tells us how the unusual landscape of Cappadocia allowed her thoughts to run free

Helsinki, Stockholm and a baby belly

Sometimes you have to leave home to find warmth and safety, as this lady with a baby belly discovered
Voluntourism: Discover the joy of travelling with a cause

Voluntourism: Discover the joy of travelling with a cause

When you choose voluntourism, you not only enrich your life but also the world at large
Trekker climbing up

What’s so special about a sojourn to Sapa?

Archana Singh takes you to a breathtaking hill station in Vietnam to experience the culture of an authentic hill tribe
lush greenery in Wayanad

Why not visit Wayanad this year?

In many ways Wayanad encapsulates the true essence of Kerala heritage: spices, waterfalls, ancient caves, historic sites and, of course, rich wildlife
Smiling man walking with a haversack / travel concept

4 Types of Travel That You Absolutely MUST Explore

Travel can be a spiritually transformative experience. All you need is an open mind, a willingness to endure hardship, and a dash of spontaneity
Woman sitting at airport with hands on head; ruined holiday

18 travel mistakes that can ruin your foreign holiday

Two seasoned travellers give you a heads up on the common travel mistakes we tend to make while vacationing abroad
verandah in a homestay villa

For your next vacation, skips hotels; try homestays instead

Read on to find out why homestay is an idea worth exploring

Vacation time: Doing nothing in Bhimtal

Sometimes all it takes to get away and experience true relaxation is to delve right into nature, away from edifices of the noisy, polluted and materialistic cities

St. Petersburg: Revelling in the Whitenights

Founded by Peter the great, this Russian city is the country’s cultural hub. Somali Roy shares her experience of the rare phenomenon that is Saint Petersburg