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New wellbeing products launched in February 2016

Palmolive launches premium handwashes

palmolive-180x191Palmolive’s new range of luxurious handwashes come in four variants—sea minerals, black orchid, raspberry and lime/mint. Sea mineral and black orchid are liquid while raspberry and lime/mint are foam-based handwashes. Each of these has a unique refreshing fragrance that can stimulate your senses during a long tiring day. They provide long-lasting germ protection, are deep cleansing and leave your hands feeling clean, smooth, hydrated and moisturised after every use.
Price: INR 95 for 250ml [liquid] / INR 150 for 250ml [foaming]

VitoHealth Skillet by Vinod cookware

vito-250x121This skillet comes with a Thermo Knob feature. You can use this to bake, roast, sauté, fry and boil food. The handles do not get hot while cooking and its 18/8 stainless steel pot body always remains cooler than the compact bottom and enables water vapour condensation. The significantly heavy lid stays cooler on the pot and also ensures no nutrient loss—it builds the water seal, which guarantees that nutrients stay in the pot.  It comes with a two year warranty.
Price: INR 4,570

Underarm whitening cream by La-Tattv

la-tattv-225x103Dark underarms are a common skin issue and La-Tattv’s latest product hopes to help with this. The whitening and nourishing cream, Tejasvatt, contains liquorice extracts that lighten the skin tone. It also contains essential olive oil and vitamins that nourish the skin. It aims to give you even toned and smooth underarms so you no longer have to be conscious of your underarms when wearing sleeveless outfits. The product is available in all leading cosmetic stores.
Price: INR 460

Hand Blender by Kraft

hand-blender-52x225Made of stainless steel, Kraft’s new hand blender is strong, sleek and equipped to perform a wide array of blending tasks. Its 12,000 RPM speed settings, 160 watts of power and sharp four-winged Quattro blade reduces the meal preparation time and effort. The handle is non-slippery.
It comes with three attachments—Mincer to chop and smash, Whisker to stir and mix and Beater to whip cream. It can be easily cleaned by separating its detachable accessories before washing. It is available in blue and beige colours.
Price: INR 1,395

Marks & Spencer’s products with grape fruit extracts

marks-&-spencer-150x210M&S has introduced a range of grape fruit products that are a complex of echinacea, peptides and an exclusive source of resveratrol. The three products are Super Grape Face Serum, Super Grape Overnight Treatment Oil and Super Grape Night cream. These products are paraben free and not tested on animals. They promote younger looking skin, give a brighter complexion and improve skin radiance. The products are produced in UK in an eco-factory.
Price: Super Grape Face Serum – INR 899; Super Grape Overnight Treatment Oil – INR 799; Super Grape Night Cream – INR 799

Coffee machine from Bonhomia

bonhomia-200x230This February, Bonhomia brings a stylish, no-fuss brewing machine called Boho with a hot water dispenser and the ability to froth and steam milk to prepare tea or coffee quickly with consistent texture and flavour. It is light weight and uncomplicated to operate making it a perfect present for your loved one. It comes in midnight black and passion red colours and is available on their website, on Amazon as well as in select outlets like Barista, Westside and Modern Bazaar.
Price: INR 9,995 [midnight black]; INR 12,995 [passion red]

Soaps by Dear Earth

soaps-dear-earth-230x81Dear Earth brings three organic soaps—Bamboo Charcoal, Tea Tree and Soft & Glow. Bamboo charcoal is rich in coconut butter, organic jojoba oil and fine bamboo charcoal that unclogs pores and gets rid of skin odour. Tea Tree has purifying properties of tea tree oil and gives you a rejuvenated feeling. It also cures acne. Soft & Glow has sandalwood and the healing, moisturising properties of Shea butter and coconut oil. All the soaps use pure organic ingredients and are natural, handmade and vegan.
Price: INR 290 each

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