Healthy snacking now made easy with Nutty Yogi products

Healthy products from Nutty Yogi

Sometimes in spite of the best intentions, eating healthy becomes difficult. With busy schedules, eating healthy no longer seems like a priority. For the busy bees, here’s some help at hand. Introducing, Nutty Yogi, a natural, organic and delicious food brand designed for foodies and health buffs alike.

Nutty Yogi believes that ‘backward is the new forward’ when it comes to food. The brand takes a step back in time to preserve the good old fashioned goodness of nutrients while adding a dash of convenience that makes it relevant in our times. With a wide variety of staples, snacks, condiments and meal-add ons, they are committed to making every meal nutritious, delicious and of course with the help of ancient wisdom and every grandmother’s stamp of approval.

Coconut and seed muesli

Nutty Yogi has over 150 products from home-made pickles to wholesome flours, alternative sugars to spices, healthy munchies to breakfast muesli’s and much more  in the pipeline.  Some of their popular products are the Cacao Nibs Trail Mix, Smoked Caramel Makhana, Ultimate Super Seeds and All Berries Muesli, Almond Butter, Raw Turmeric Pickle and Tulsi Honey. Their products can be ordered from their website


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