The Good Health Always Cookbook by Charmaine D’souza

Healthy eating implies developing a nourishing relationship between your body and the food that you consume, says this wonderful new cookbook

Published by: Penguin eBury Press blank

ISBN: 978-0143452904

Pages: 224

Price: INR 299

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food,” said Hippocrates. This quote pretty much sums up the essence of Charmaine D’souza’s latest book, which she has co-authored with her daughters, Charlyene and Savlyene. Charmaine is an Indian dietician, clinical nutritionist, health consultant, and author with three decades of experience in bringing her clients back to health. Each ingredient mentioned in the book has a lovely anecdote associated with it. It’s like taking a trip down the author’s memory lane. She has

In the cookbook, the authors focus on ingredients and food stories centred around her childhood, and the delightful importance food plays in shaping who she is today.

Cookbook with a difference

Food is much more than as just a basic necessity for survival. Food contributes greatly to the quality of life; it affects our moods and behavior, determines are energy levels and, of course our health quotient. Food also helps create memories — indeed, to many, food is nostalgia. In The Good Health Always Cookbook, the authors express how food is among our greatest sources of pleasure. But this pleasure need not be derived from eating “unhealthy” or junk food; even wholesome, home-cooked meals can be the source of immense pleasure and joy. “Balanced eating doesn’t mean feeling guilty about eating ‘not-so-healthy food”, they write.

The authors despise the shame and anxiety people often experience while eating certain kinds of food. Nutrition is not a mere checklist of what we should and shouldn’t eat. Nutrition is a lifestyle; it is the conscious choices you make each day. Healthy eating implies developing a nourishing relationship between your body and the food that you consume.

The authors include a wonderful fusion of age-old ingredients easily available in our homes and gardens with modern day flavours and recipes. Each ingredient is carefully analysed with in-depth scientific descriptions, right from its existence, it’s nutritional value, pro-tips, to it’s modern day usage. Every recipe calls for use of a variety of ingredients and spells out-of-the-box thinking, as Charmaine is a big proponent of root-to-stem cooking. [Read an excerpt from The Good Health Always Cookbook.]


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