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concept of saving money

Mindful money practises

In our effort to impress everyone else, we create trouble for ourselves when we shell out for things with money we don’t have

How I won the battle with my bulge

Most of us struggle with weight loss, trying one crash diet after another hoping that the fat will melt away but sometimes determination is all you need

Babu-sa’ab- A tale of love

A family doesn’t need to be made up by those who share the same blood

Food culture by the roots

A critical look at the revival of hunter-gatherer food culture

Carissa’s battle with the big ‘C’

Megan Zakrzewski talks about how her friend Carissa hasn’t let cancer stop her from accomplishing all she can

Harsha Bhogle’s advice to anxious class X students

The class X results are like a blood test, you are not dead yet but they tell you if you are headed there. They allow you to make a correction in your life, says Harsha Bhogle

Happiness and motivation

The end we all are looking for is far deeper and all-encompassing—it’s called happiness.

How to make the most of having a bad boss

It’s time to turn the tables on a Bad Boss so he or she begins to behave the way you want them to

The sky at night

I have realised that spending time observing nature in daytime, and the endless sky at night, is a great way to reconnect with our true selves

Juice cleanse, courtesy Raw Pressery

A juice cleanse can be a refreshing change—it's healthy too