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Gratitude: the key to happiness

It is not happy people who are thankful, but thankful people who are happy

These 10 Common Things in Your Home That Pose a Serious Risk to Your Health

Things with which we come in contact in our everyday lives can be toxic, says Edward Group; however, there are safer substitutes to detoxify your home

Discovering your inner beauty

What is the real essence of beauty? Renae Peterson delves into the meaning of inner beauty and how you can achieve it

5 Lessons from flowers

Besides sensory pleasure, flowers offer us important life lessons, explains author Alexis Brookfield

Getting a routine that works

Don't let your inner parent and child sabotage your exercise routine

Superfoods for beautiful skin and healthy bodies

Cassie Brewer shares the pros and cons of consuming ‘superfoods’

My life as a ‘terminally ill’ patient

Rita Mukherjee shares with us what her life has been like after being diagnosed with lung fibrosis and being slotted as "terminally ill".

Fun on the job

Are you at your wits end wondering how to motivate your employees? Implementing some of these ideas might rouse your team and help them do a better job
concept of saving money

Mindful money practises

In our effort to impress everyone else, we create trouble for ourselves when we shell out for things with money we don’t have

How I won the battle with my bulge

Most of us struggle with weight loss, trying one crash diet after another hoping that the fat will melt away but sometimes determination is all you need