Watch out! There’s a time bomb in your pocket

Cultivating terror within is a choice. It is like carrying a time bomb in your pocket

TimebombAnger is an extremely damaging emotion with far-reaching effects. However, the good news is that it is up to us to embrace this emotion or do away with it. Anger or peace—the choice is ours. Each one of us feels angry at some point— when somebody says something unpleasant to you, or utters some rude words. Instead of thinking that you have a choice, usually, like everyone else, your first instinct is to react angrily.

In no time, you let loose the terror within and respond with words much nastier than those originally used on you.

There may be times when someone takes something that belongs to you and doesn’t return what is due to you. The natural reaction is to get angry. However, you choose to react calmly, knowing that only one of two things can happen—either what was taken from you will be returned, or what is gone is gone forever and there is nothing more you can do to bring it back. Thus, by being calm, you can nip this terror in the bud. You have to realise that anger will only make things worse. So, it’s a choice you have to consciously make every time.

Cultivating terror within is a choice. It is like carrying a time bomb in your pocket— you put it there voluntarily. Despite your understanding that it’s a choice, it is evidently foolish to choose to be angry.

Once you realise that anger can be overcome, you must learn to prevent anger, else, to control anger; that again is a choice. Either we choose to live with the terror being nourished within us, allowing it to express itself, or we can choose to live a peaceful life by eliminating anger, starving it and ignoring the terror it seeks to spread.

Don’t forget that your reactions are your choice. Remaining calm is also a choice. Our reactions stem from choices we make. We can choose to fill our life with positive emotions like faith, hope, love, compassion, sympathy, forgiveness, joy, confidence, courage, acceptance and peace. All of these emotions lead us to choose peace and calmness over anger. However, if you choose negative emotions like greed, fear, worry, apathy, indifference, hate, jealousy, gossip and revenge, then you actually choose anger unconsciously and lose your life to it.

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