New evidence of how fatal smoking is

This 2010 American Surgeon General's report represents an important step in the developing recognition, both in United States and around the world, that smoking cigarettes is devastating to public health

Have you wondered about the following?

  • Why is tobacco smoke considered a poison and how deadly is this poison?
  • Why is smoking so addictive?
  • How does the latest research link Smoking and cancer?
  • How does smoking damage your arteries and how soon does the damage begin?
  • What kind of damage is caused to lungs?
  • How does a parent who smokes is aggravate the children’s health?

A new report by the American Surgeon General addresses these questions.

Major conclusions of this report

  • There is no risk-free level of exposure to tobacco smoke.
  • Inhaling the complex chemical mixture like tobacco smoke causes cancer and cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, by damaging the DNA
  • The risk and severity of ill-health caused by smoking are directly related to the duration and level of exposure to tobacco smoke.
  • Smoking is powerfully addictive because of nicotine and perhaps other similar compounds, and how the brain reacts when nicotine is consumed
  • Secondhand tobacco smoke causes in acute heart problems and thrombosis.

Read the consumer report on “How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease” by visiting the American Surgeon General website.


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