Tips for Work Life Balance

For those of us who want to maintain a reasonable balance between our life and our work, here are some thoughts by Harvard Business Review guest writer Gill Corkindale

business in natureWe tend to get deeply attached with our work. But we need some detachment to open up our perspective towards work and life. Gill Corkindale suggests 6 ways to manage work-life balance.

She says “It is very easy to be consumed by work and consequently become crashing bores.” She cites two incidents of meeting such individuals obessed with their work and its pressure. They continued ranting about the various aspects of their work-life so the point that she got bored. She realised that they were so “immersed” in their work-life that they had lost perspective. She suggests the 6 ways of getting a balanced view for such workaholics who may realise their obsession and wish for a more balanced life.

  • Be honest about how much time you spend at work and why
  • Remind yourself that you are much more than your job.

For more on these tips and other ways to detach, read the original story on Harvard Business Review


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