10 Common Fashion Mistakes

A stunning look includes your whole appearance - hair, make-up, clothes and attitude. All it takes is one fashion oversight to ruin an otherwise perfect look

10 common fashion mistakesMost of us can see fashion mistakes when they are on others. Does this mean that we can detect our own fashion blunders? Not likely, unless we have taken the time to learn the rules of dressing. There are however, 10 common mistakes that women make.

  1. Wrong make-up

    If your make-up can be seen, you are wearing too much. Make-up is meant to enhance features, not hide them. The most common make-up mistake is too much blush, too much foundation, and too much eyeliner. You’ll know if you’re wearing too much foundation, if it looks thick and pasty. Your skin should be seen through the foundation. Remember, the best look is natural and, yes, you can get this with foundation. The key is to choose a colour that matches your natural skin tone and use it sparingly.

    Eyeliner is meant to make the eyelashes look thicker. To do this, put it as close to your lash line as you can. Thick black lines of eyeliner are too harsh, especially if you have a light complexion and light hair.

    Blush should not be seen as line or blob, but rather a natural glow. Choose a shade that is not too dark or light and blends well with your natural colour.

  2. Clothes too small or large

    Wearing a smaller size will not make you appear smaller. Actually, the reverse is true. Clothes that are too small show bulges, lines, and make a body look larger. A good fit glides over your body and doesn’t show any lines or bumps.

  3. Not paying attention to grooming

    Taking care of your hair, skin, eyebrows and nails is a must in good grooming. If you are wearing the most fabulous sari or suit in the most striking colour and have not paid attention to grooming, you’ve ruined your whole look.

    Your hairstyle creates the first impression. From your hairstyle people will assume your status, age, intelligence etc., This doesn’t mean that judgments are correct; they happen instinctively. Visit your hairstylist regularly, and if you colour your hair make sure you keep it maintained regularly.

    Keep your nails well groomed, your hands clean than you think. Only wear nail polish if you plan to keep your nails in excellent condition; otherwise, don’t polish. Chipped polish will ruin your look instantly.

  4. Shabby or wrong shoes

    Shoes are noticed more than you think. Take care of your shoes by keeping them polished and in good repair. Your shoes complement your outfit, so it is important to learn which footwear is appropriate for the outfit and the occasion. For example, if you work in a professional environment, pumps are the best choice. Wearing loafers, sandals or mules with a suit would ruin your look and your credibility instantly.

  5. Wearing inappropriate clothing

    When in a working environment make sure that your clothes are not flashy [unless you are in a creative field], do not wear short skirts [more than three inches above the knee], sleeveless tops, plunging necklines, stilettos, too much jewellery, leather pants or skirts, or anything that shimmers.

  6. Bad hair

    Having a bad hair day is something that happens occasionally, but having bad hair every day will ruin your look. Since hair is so important to an overall look, it is very important that you choose a style that suits your face shape, a colour that complements your skin, and a stylist who can assist you with them. Hair colour that does not complement your skin tone, especially when over-treated, or left too long without a trim is bad for your image.

  7. Slave to brand names

    Choosing clothing simply because it is a certain brand name or dressing in brand names from head-to-toe is a recipe for a fashion disaster. For a professional, sophisticated look, choose garments that fit well, are well made, and are classic. If anyone is impressed because you are wearing designer names, you haven’t gained a true friend.

  8. Wearing clothes too young

    Wearing styles that your daughter wears is a fashion blunder. These are skirts that are too short, pants that are too low and clothes that are tight. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear dull, boring clothing but rather stylish clothing. Stylish, flattering clothing styles are knee-length skirts, shorts that end mid-thigh, tops that have an interesting cut, or design, or are in your best colour – this includes saris and salwar-kameez that have soft shades and suit you well, trousers that don’t show panty lines, and lightweight sweaters that don’t pull or tug.

  9. Wrong colours

    The #1 rule of looking great is wearing colours that suit your skin tone. This is not a glaring fashion mistake but rather very subtle. It is subtle, in that, when looking at a person wearing the wrong colour, you might not be able to pinpoint the problem, but you will know something is not right. When you wear the wrong colours, your skin doesn’t look as healthy as it should – it actually looks drab and dull. By simply wearing the colours that suit your skin tone your skin will look clearer; the lines and wrinkles will be less apparent.

    To look your best, wear clothing colours that complement your skin. Most people have either warm or cool skin tones. Those with cool skin tones look best in colours that have blue undertones. Those with warm skin tones look best in colours that have a yellow undertone. A quick way to determine whether you are warm or cool is to place a piece of gold [warm] jewellery against your skin and a piece of silver [cool]. If the gold blends better you are warm, if the silver blends better you are cool.

  10. Handbags from another decade

    Update your handbag. If you are carrying a bag that is boxy, boring and could have been your grandmother’s, it is time for an update. You don’t have to purchase the trendiest handbag – but, do choose one that has a little character. An out-of-date bag will make you look old-fashioned.

Looks Matter

It’s a scientific fact that people who don’t know you make up their minds about you on a subliminal/prehistoric basis in 30 seconds or less. This evaluation of you by others takes place so quickly and is so entrenched in the human brain that it is not usually conscious thought.

Behavioural scientists tell us that we notice the following about another human being and in this order: skin colour, sex, age, bearing [height, body language, etc.], appearance, direct eye contact, and speech. The first three we can do nothing about, but we can take advantage of this knowledge to enhance and control how to present the best image of ourselves.

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Sheila Dicks
Sheila Dicks is an image and wardrobe consultant. Her motto help people reach their full potential and perk up their self-confidence with improved dress sense. She lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.


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