Sad woman gazing outside the window; coping with loss

3 important lessons that loss teaches us

A grief coach shares the three vital lessons we gain when we lose someone or something dear to us


Never make these body language mistakes at work

The way you carry yourself, including your posture and hand gestures, sends across a message that is louder than the words you say.

18 travel mistakes that can ruin your foreign holiday

Two seasoned travellers give you a heads up on the common travel mistakes we tend to make while vacationing abroad

The #1 myth about love and the three truths that shatter it

There is a widespread misconception that finding a compatible partner is just dumb luck and marriages are, as a rule, unhappy. But nothing could be farther from truth


“The only thing you can do is make the shift within yourself” — Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani could see the doctors working furiously on her near-lifeless body, even as her loved ones looked frightened

A spouse who is also a work colleague

Working with your spouse comes with its set of challenges but, with the right approach, can be an immensely rewarding proposition

Liberate your creativity

Expressing yourself creatively is one the most potent ways of busting everyday stress, reveals Vinesh Sukumaran

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"We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality." - Albert Einstein


A dietician shares her tips for newly married women

If you’ve tied the knot recently, chances are that your diet has gone for a toss. Here’s how you can keep yourself from losing your mind [and your weighing scales from tipping]

“I am a special mother”

Nothing can prepare you for motherhood, least of all a special child. But as with all things in life, you learn along the way

Retreating to joy

Ananda Village is a quiet magnet towards which people of all faiths gravitate, says Sathya Saran who was touched by the commitment to simplicity and service that she witnessed in the folks there. Here’s an account of her visit to this serene community based at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range

Me, my mom and Alzheimer’s

A daughter discovers that her mom has Alzheimer’s

Embrace slow food

Organic food enthusiast Kavita Mukhi tells us about the Slow Food movement and why there is value in eating locally and organically grown foods


A quick and beautiful morning practice for a joyous day ahead

A beautiful morning practice by Nithya Shantivideo
Spiritual teacher Nithya Shanti suggests a simple but powerful morning practice to calibrate your day for love, peace and joy


Sathya Saran


Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges By Amy Cuddy

In Presence, Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy expands on her popular TED talk about adopting confident body postures, or “power poses”, to bring your best self to social and professional situations. The author points out that presence is not a continual state of being but a moment-to-moment experience which we can tweak through body language, behaviour and mind-set.

Gender bender: Unladylike By Radhika Vaz

Radhika Vaz dedicates her memoir Unladylike to “All the unladies out there who refuse to be bound by the rules of femininity.” It is about her journey of not just growing up but also growing towards freedom of self. A must-read for the ladies, gents and ‘unladies’!

The triumph of vulnerability: Rising Strong By Dr Brené Brown

The book’s cover states, “The physics of vulnerability is simple: if we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall. Being brave and falling helps us grow and changes us for the better.” Dr Brown proposes that for every emotion we feel, there is a definite response elicited in us.

Rekindle your creativity: The Book of Doing and Being by Barnet Bain

This book is about discovering a gift you are born with—a gift that is given to everybody. It's called creativity and you can apply it in your everyday life.

Changing strategy: Triggers By Marshall Goldsmith

Leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith takes a look at why most people find it difficult to change their behaviours and he offers practical suggestions to overcome those obstacles.

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