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What Are The Challenges In Internet Addiction Disorder

Studies suggest that if you are a victim of Internet Addiction Disorder, your brain makeup is almost similar to the individual suffering from a chemical dependency.

Motivation to build a sober life

After coming out of rehab, you must be looking for tools to maintain a sober lifestyle. Read this article and familiarize yourself with some motivational tools.

How To Support Your Loved One In Addiction Recovery?

You can support your loved one in addiction recovery because when you support the person, he attains a better chance of completing his treatment and staying sober.

PDGM’s Impact on the Home Health Care Market

To remain competitive in the increasingly evolving healthcare industry, post-acute care executives must transform their organizations into client/patient-focused, value-driven providers capable of providing high-quality...

How Your Life Can Be Affected by OCD

There are certain mental health conditions that can have a huge impact on your life and on the lives of those around you. One...

5 ways to re-establish physical intimacy with your partner

If you implement the ideas in this article, you will successfully rekindle the flame of a romantic relationship, and you'll begin noticing significant improvements in your intimate life

Check In With Yourself: 8 Questions For Emotional Awareness

When we talk about emotional awareness, it refers to having the ability to identify and understand not only our feelings but also those of...

Melts: A delicious, hassle-free and efficient way to get your nutrients

How often do you skip taking your daily multivitamins or supplements? It could be for various reasons such as being busy, boredom, or just...
parent spending quality time with kids

6 time management tips to keep in mind as a parent

If you find yourself hard-pressed for time management, here are six important tips and tricks to keep in mind as a parent
nutrition conscious woman eating a cherry tomato

5 books to read for a new outlook on nutrition

Good nutrition is an integral aspect of a healthy lifestyle. By learning directly from experts, you are one step closer to enjoying the life that you want
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