5 Reasons Why You Should Get Health Insurance While Young

If you don’t have health insurance when faced with a health crisis, things could be harder financially

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When you’re in your 20s, life seems to revolve around grinding. It’s all about working hard and playing hard, and you seem to feel invincible, ready to take on the world as it is. Because of this, people in their 20s seem to put their health on the back of their minds, that is, until something happens to them.

Our health tends to become frail as we age, and many health issues begin to pop up. If you think about it, it can be quite dreary. But what’s scarier is when we’re not prepared to take a health emergency head-on. People seem to get the idea of only getting health insurance once they’re in their 30s or later. However, do you know that health insurance can benefit you if you get one earlier?

In this article, we will discuss why you insure your health while still young. Let’s begin.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Health Insurance Early

1. Lower Premium

Applying for insurance early on is much cheaper than getting it later. Why? This is because of the inherent health risks of being at an advanced age. Health conditions begin popping up during our older years, making us a risky venture for insurance providers.

Due to our declining health, we depend on our insurance, which means that insurance providers will be paying a lot of our medical bills. To offset that risk, they increase our monthly premiums and are stricter on what they want to cover on the insurance policy.

However, if you get health insurance early on, you are at a low-level risk, which means you will pay a significantly lower monthly premium since you’re still healthy.

The good thing about this is that our monthly premiums stay relatively the same as we grow older, resulting in more significant savings in our older years.

2. Early Detection

Health insurance typically covers conditions that begin popping up during your older years. Not only that, they also cover preemptive screenings for more serious health complications like cancer, heart disease, etc.

Thanks to this preemptive help, your doctors can detect and diagnose health complications before they worsen and break you financially later on. This is especially true if your family line has some genetic diseases that you are at risk of getting later on in life.

3. Variety of Choices

If you apply for health insurance in your 20s, you’ll be likely met with more health insurance options for young adults. That said, if you have a health condition that you’re preparing for during your older years, you can add that to your health insurance premiums. However, as we grow older, our choices begin to narrow, not because of the availability of options but because of the higher premiums.

As mentioned earlier, the price of health insurance during your older years begins to go through the ceiling. For this reason, you’ll be met with fewer choices because of your budget.

4. You Can Be Healthier Now and in the Future

Health insurance usually comes with maintenance medications and regular doctor checkups. Usually, they are part of the perks. Some health insurance policies even let their policyholders enjoy them for free. It might not matter much now since you’re still healthy, but we never really know what will happen in the future.

If you want to stay healthy in your older years, having health insurance will help you by giving you medical checkups multiple times a year.

5. It Prevents You from Dipping Into Your Savings

Some young people want to save money for their future, whether for a wedding or family purposes. If you’re one of them, having health insurance could prevent you from taking a huge chunk of your savings because of a medical emergency. You might think you’re saving less because you’re paying your monthly premium, but it’s a good preventive measure if something happens.

Say, for example, you’re saving for a wedding but suddenly get involved in a car accident three months before that. Since you have no health insurance, you will be forced to dip into your wedding savings and pay your medical bills, affecting your wedding plans or, worse, resulting in the possible postponement of your wedding.

We’re not saying that your wedding is important than your wellbeing. We’re just saying that if you don’t want to choose, having insurance is a good way of paying off your medical bills while still having the money for your life’s plans.

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Final Words

You might feel invincible right now because you’re in your 20s, but medical conditions will begin to pop up later. No matter how healthy you’re right now, your body will begin to break down sooner or later. If you don’t have health insurance when faced with a health crisis, things could be harder financially. So why not hit two birds with one stone by getting insurance early on?

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