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June 2016 issue: Cultivate self-compassion

Why self-compassion is vital for your happiness and success and how you can go about cultivating it

May 2016 issue: Shedding shyness

In this issue, Michal Stawicki tells you how he overcame his shyness and changed his life for the better. Using his own example, he offers three easy steps that will make you more confident and socially comfortable.

April 2016 issue: Seeking reality

How often, instead of welcoming insight about ourselves, we treat it as a reason to feel offended? Dr Henry Cloud tells you how proactively seeking reality can help you expand your awareness about yourself, others and your world

March 2016 issue: Rein in the monkey

By unleashing a cascade of crippling thoughts, your monkey mind robs you of your innate ability to live a happy, successful life

February 2016 issue: Preventing burnouts

Not being challenged at work is bound to make you feel disengaged, causing boredom, which ultimately leads to burnout

January 2016 issue: Grit and greatness

In theory, a safety net is designed to protect you but in practice, it encourages failure; it becomes a hammock that steals your grit and lulls you into complacency.

December 2015 issue: The power of enthusiasm

Everything that anyone has ever done well can be attributed to his or her enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a power; we can use this power to achieve whatever we imagine for ourselves.

November 2015 issue: Blueprint of your life

On the occasion of our 9th anniversary, we decided to turn our attention to the basics—the stuff that true happiness is made of

October 2015 issue: Is your marriage on autopilot?

Sometimes the wall between the couple seems insurmountable; their problems seem impossible to solve. But no problem is unsolvable, if only we stop looking for answers outside and turn within
Align yourself with your highest values

September 2015 issue: For lasting joy, align with your highest values

The key to living your best life lies in determining your highest values and letting them steer your decisions and actions.


Maya Kirpalani