How to Make a Temporary Long Distance Relationship Last

blankA long distance relationship presents its own set of challenges, but contrary to popular belief, having a long distance relationship isn’t an impossible task. A fulfilling and successful relationship over long distances is absolutely achievable. With a little effort, some awareness and communication, and our tips, you’ll be well on your way to an idyllic relationship in no time. Keep reading to learn more about how to make a temporary long distance relationship last.

Frequent (But Not Overbearing) Communication

In the age of instantaneous communication, it can be pretty difficult to resist the urge to constantly communicate with our significant others. Between text messaging, social media, and phone calls, there are more than a few ways to get in touch with your boyfriend/girlfriend with the touch of a button; but how much is too much?

There are some who suggest that constant communication is actually taking away from the value of interpersonal relationships. With constant communication, we know what’s going on all the time, at almost every hour of the day; leaving nothing to mystery. Before texting and social media, you’d have to get to know someone by spending time with them, taking them out, etc. Now, a few weeks of texting can almost tell you just as much as a few dates can.

Keep in communication, but also remember to give your significant other space as well.

Send Gifts

As with a local relationship, gifts are a nice gesture to your significant other in a long distance relationship. Whether you’re sending flowers, accessories, or books, there are plenty of options for great gifts. With USPS’s flat-rate boxes, you can ship quite a bit for a flat fee (as long as everything fits in the box).

Be sure to pay attention to your significant other’s interests and tastes. Nothing says “I get you” like a gift personalized to their tastes or interests. Gifts let your boyfriend or girlfriend know that you’re thinking of them; even when you’re not around. Long distance can be tricky, but with personalized gifts, you can make romantic gestures that keep your significant other google-eyed for years to come.

Have Future Goals in Mind

Perhaps the most important facet of a long distance relationship is a common goal(s). Without something to aim for, you’re basically just dating for the sake of dating; which usually doesn’t end well. If you’re serious about commitment and about being with your long distance connection in the future, make it known. From there, you can work to craft the perfect plan to bridge the distance and bring the relationship into its greatest potential.

As with any relationship, a common goal unifies the two parties and creates something to work towards. Maybe you’re hoping to move within the next year or so; if you’ve got a goal to be closer to your long distance connection, your moving goals could be much different than they were before. Be sure to discuss your goals in detail and be certain everyone’s on the same page.

The last thing you want to do is move away from home to be with someone, only to find out that your goals weren’t the same after all. You’re suddenly left in a strange town with no one you know and a relationship that ended all too early.

Make Time for In-Person Visits

In-person visits are essential to the success of a long-distance relationship. Without them, you won’t be able to truly get to know someone. Remember that body language is incredibly important to communication, and there’s truly no way to get to know someone strictly through online messaging or video communication.

Anyone can act online, but it’s much more difficult for a person to hide their true nature in person. Unfortunately, there are people posing as someone they’re not online, and you wouldn’t want to be “catfished” as it’s called and end up attached to someone who isn’t even real.

Let’s not forget the role that intimacy plays in a committed relationship, and this doesn’t even necessarily mean sex. Physical and emotional intimacy can come from the simplest of touches or shared experiences, something you simply cannot obtain with text/video-only communication. How are you going to share your first kiss over the internet? A first date? Your first romantic night together?

Make time to visit in-person, whether your significant other is 400 or 4,000 miles away. This will likely include extra costs like airfare, hotels, etc., but if you’re truly committed to making the relationship work, these costs will feel minor once you’ve achieved a real connection with your partner.

Honesty, Communication, and Trust  

These are arguably the most important tenants in any committed relationship, and a long distance connection is no different. Honesty means being truthful about why you didn’t answer the phone. Communication means explaining why you didn’t answer the phone, and trust is that bond that ensures the both of you will adhere to the first two qualities. All three of these qualities combined is the key to maintaining a healthy and successful relationship, even over long distances.


Yes, long distance relationships are a bit more tricky than traditional ones, but that doesn’t make them impossible to maintain and grow. With a little communication, honesty, trust, and making time for in-person visits, you’ll be able to successfully navigate all of the obstacles that come with this unique dating scenario.