Systemic change is the need of the hour

Only Systemic Change in our body-mind systems can help us survive as individuals and as a nation, says Minnu Bhonsle


Current scenario
Many, if not all, politicians are unqualified for their jobs in public service. They move with Z security, spend their lives doing or receiving ‘favours’, give well-scripted leadership speeches but chicken out when it is time to ‘lead from the front’. They play the game of ‘passing the buck.’—from Centre, to State, to intelligence services, to law enforcement agencies, to the armed forces, to the neighbouring country, to rogue elements within the country and other political parties. The game finally ends in another major national or international event, which utilises the airtime on the news channels, and the comfortable politician settles down even more comfortably in his comfort zones.

Systemic Change scenario
We need more politicians who single-mindedly care only about ‘serving the nation’. We want more leaders who believe in hands-on, 24X7 on-the-job governance, and who are silent and sincere workers of the nation.

We need political parties to give tickets only to qualified, meritorious and clean candidates who have the expertise, the will, the determination and the courage to serve the nation around the clock, without consideration for caste, creed, region or religion. This will rid the political system of rogue and corrupt elements who work only for personal profit and not for public welfare. We want election laws changed so that only scrupulously ‘screened’ candidates can contest elections.
Finally, we need to be able to hold politicians ‘accountable’ and make them step down if they do not deliver on promises made.


Current Scenario
The faceless and anonymous bureaucrats or ‘Babus’ are probably the most comfortable in their cushy jobs. They attend important meetings with ‘VIPs’ preparing drafts and more drafts before and after the meeting, and are engaged in ‘important paperwork negotiations’ which hardly ever see the light of day.
They hardly ever face the flak for their slow pace in gathering and sharing information and implementing orders. As these faceless entities never come under scrutiny, they often get away under the garb of ‘paperwork’, when immediate action could have saved the day. They settle in more comfortably, as they see everyone [i.e. the politician, the security agencies, the intelligence agencies etc.] except themselves, go under the hammer, and comfortably continue their ‘permanent go-slow mission’ with their 9-to-5 statistical gathering and paperwork for the new VIPs who have replaced the old ones.

Systemic Change scenario
We need a bureaucratic shake-up to jolt such ‘Babus’ out of their comfort zones, and make them accountable for their laxities on the job.
We need bureaucrats who remember that they are public servants and who serve with honesty, dedication and efficiency. Individuals who go beyond the call of duty when required.

Minnu Bhonsle
Dr Minnu R Bhonsle, PhD, is a Mumbai-based consulting psychotherapist and counsellor. She conducts training programmes in Personal Counselling [Client-centred Therapy] and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, and also workshops in Stress Management, Art of Listening, Couple Therapy, and Communication Skills. Minnu has co-authored the book, The Ultimate Sex Education Guide along with Dr Rajan Bhonsle.


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