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Women are increasingly seeking alternative therapies to address their nagging health concerns. Reiki is one such handy tool that can alleviate a few of their ailments

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Women are increasingly seeking alternative therapies to address their nagging health concerns. Reiki is one such handy tool that can alleviate a few of their ailments.

Though a majority of health concerns are common to men and women, the latter are especially prone to certain gender-specific ailments vis-a-vis the men. The top nagging health concerns of women are often related to sexual health, pregnancy, breasts, menstrual problems, menopause, gynaecologic cancers, and osteoporosis. Added to these are lifestyle disorders such as heart problems, depression, insomnia, diabetes, digestive disorders and a host of other ailments that women share with men.

Of late, there is a definite drift towards the use of alternative therapies worldwide, especially among women. The side-effects and high cost of modern medicine are some of the reasons that could be attributed to this noticeable shift. Mounting evidence suggests a growing number of women opting to employ alternative medicine such as homoeopathy, herbal treatment, ayurvedic treatment, aromatherapy, yoga and similar options, to combat their day-to-day health concerns.

Healing Energy

Reiki is a form of spiritual practice used as a complementary therapy for the treatment of physical, mental, and emotional diseases. Practitioners use a technique similar to the laying of hands, which they believe will channel “healing energy”. They state that energy flows through their palms to bring about healing and that the method can be used for self-treatment as well as treatment of others.

The name “Reiki” is derived from two Japanese characters that describe the energy itself — “rei” meaning unseen or spiritual and “ki” meaning “energy or life force”.

Reiki – an effective option

Reiki — the art of tapping in universal life force energy for a holistic healing — is one such therapy that is finding favour with most people, especially women, both young and old. Reiki treats you without any drugs and allows you to tap into it just whenever you please for treating yourself or another person. You may use Reiki in conjunction with other conventional medicine with added advantage of compatibility, for catalysing and augmenting the latter’s effect. Reiki is a handy tool for a homemaker to alleviate all sorts of pain triggered by the pressure of household chores. For a working lady, it offers a succour to cope with the stress arising at her workplace.

Treating with Reiki

Treating special health concerns of women can be a very soothing and wonderful experience. They have to connect to Reiki by intent and dispense it by placing hands on the key positions for a few minutes. For women who still have not acquired the ability to channel Reiki, help of a Reiki practitioner may be useful.

Key positions

Problems during pregnancy

Aisha, living in my neighbourhood, had a difficult first pregnancy. In the initial days, she suffered from frequent vomiting. As the days advanced, during her seventh month of pregnancy, she was admitted to the hospital for treatment of the still foetus in her womb. She was advised complete rest at home. But the problem recurred again and again. Her parents asked me to give Reiki for treating her condition. Giving Reiki on the key positions of her kidneys and on the sacral plexus for 15-30 minutes revived the movement of the foetus inside. The activity was easily felt by the hands and later confirmed through scanning. Not only was the treatment effective, but it also helped her deliver a healthy child on the expected date.

Word of caution: Results may vary from case to case. So consult medical advice of your gynaecologist.


Hot flashes, night sweats and frequent need to urinate are some of the common experiences in menopause. The main affected glands are the ovaries and the adrenals. Giving Reiki over back of solar plexus, back of sacral plexus and the root chakra helps in this condition.


The bones become brittle with lack of calcium intake and decreased bone density. Also, osteoporosis amongst women is often due to menopausal changes. The disorder is age-related and can acquire dangerous proportions if timely treatment is not given. Giving Reiki on the positions same as for menopause is helpful.

Menstrual problems

You can treat menstrual cycle imbalances by placing one hand on the right breast and the other on the left breast and give Reiki for 15 minutes. Now place one hand on ovaries and the other between the legs and treat with Reiki.

For treating menstrual bleeding problems, give Reiki on solar plexus, sacral plexus and ovaries [one hand on ovaries and the other between the legs].

For pains, cramps and PMS, dispense Reiki on solar plexus, sacral plexus, bladder, kidneys, base of spine, ankles and soles, and toes of both the feet.

Tip: I have found that sandwiching the sacral plexus by placing hands on both sides of this position gives quick relief in painful menstrual condition.

Breast ailments

Women often report the development of lumps which may become serious breast tumour or even a malignant ulcer, if neglected. The simple way to treat this condition is to place one hand over one breast and the other over the other breast, followed by sacral plexus, bladder, kidneys and soles with toes of feet, and dispensing Reiki for 10-20 minutes thrice a day. It can take you many days to heal the breast tumour, but is worth a try.


  • Works as a first aid to combat all types of pains
  • Speeds healing
  • Augments the positive effects of other medication, if any
  • Restores hormonal balance often missed during menopause
  • Empowers them to promote self help to address their day-to-day health concerns
  • Women emerge as more confident to face the usual menopausal imbalances.

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V N Mittal
V N Mittal is a certified ReikiMaster Teacher and a freelance writer. He lives in Dehra Dun.


  1. Thank you Shawana, Asma, Dr Tazeen, Prianka and Hira for your kind comments on my Reiki article. Have any of you tried the tips given for specific women ailments and to what results? Reiki is amazing. Glad it is making its presence felt in Karachi and other places in Pakistan.

    Keep it up.

  2. hi dears,
    i m really really so impressed by reiki,i’ve been taught by my teacher Dr.Sajad Razaq in lahore,i m applying this in my routine life,it’s soooooooooo amazing,it does enhance ur pleasure,spiritual improvement,better life style and all desires what u want to be fulfilled.many thnx for my trainer Sajad Razaq PH.D in neurolinguistic programme.


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