Minding can matter

Thoughts are potent. They have the power to influence and create anything we want - from personal success to world peace

Thoughts can affect the world

Some events in our life make us feel that we are merely acting out a script, with little, if any, scope to change the happenings. Then come those life-changing moments that force us to think otherwise. Some of these moments are defining. They help us realise that we, each one of us, are living, breathing miracles. We have the power to shape our destinies. We have forgotten that we have this gift, this remarkable ability to manifest our thoughts into matter.

I have, several times in my life, experienced miracles. I call them miracles because they do not have a scientific explanation as yet. Yet, I am convinced that they were not ‘mere coincidences’.

When I think about those miracles, I realise that we are more than just puppets with a pre-ordained destiny. We are capable of changing, influencing our lives and our environment too, in tangible terms. The question then arises: Does thought influence matter? I believe the answer to that is a resounding Yes!

At the sub-atomic level, all that appears to be matter is empty space and energy waves vibrating at a certain frequency.controlled by an unknown, but intelligent force.

When German Physicist Max Planck received his Nobel Prize, he said this in his acceptance speech: “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research into atoms this much. There is no matter, as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of the atom to vibration. I must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter”

I like the phrase “conscious and intelligent mind”. If Planck is right, then thoughts have the power to create matter. With the current levels of scientific understanding, it is difficult to answer how. But I have experienced its truth in an incontrovertible way. That’s why I am confident that my thoughts are potent. And so are yours. The choice lies equally with every individual. We can use this power to bring about a positive change in our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Or use it to succumb to fear and worry. Or worse still, use it to manipulate and victimise vulnerable others.

At the larger level, it matters not whether you’re beggar or a king, a poor farmer or a rich businessman, a politician or a terrorist, a spiritual man or an atheist, each of us has the choice to influence this world through our thoughts. If enough of us direct our thoughts towards world peace, for instance, then lasting peace may no longer be a dream.

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Manoj Khatri
Manoj Khatri has spent the last two decades learning, teaching and writing about wellbeing and mindful living. He has contributed over 1500 articles for several newspapers and magazines including The Times of India, The Economic Times, The Statesman, Mid-Day, Bombay Times, Femina, and more. He is a counseling therapist and the author of What a thought!, a critically acclaimed best-selling book on self-transformation. An award-winning editor, Manoj runs Complete Wellbeing and believes that "peace begins with me".


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