The importance of hobbies

It is important to engage in a hobby that interests you. A hobby not only motivates you, but also makes you happy

PaintingIt is rightly said, “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.”

The human mind is one of the most awe-inspiring of creations – a sophisticated machine that operates within the human body and plays a major role in controlling our actions, thoughts and temperaments.

Just as a machine needs oil, gas and electricity to function, the mind needs its share of stimulation to operate and produce results. It is generally seen that an idle person tends to dwell in sadness and acquires a negative approach of life. Such people can benefit tremendously by cultivating a hobby, though a hobby is, quite simply, the best prescription to active minds for scaling greater heights.

What makes a hobby

A hobby can be defined as an activity, or an interest, which is pursued outside one’s regular occupation.

People of all age groups can cultivate a satisfying hobby. The trick is to find what interests you, motivates you and makes you happy. It can be anything that you like to do – gardening, stitching, cooking, writing poetry, photography, playing sports, watching opera etc., Other common hobbies include stamp collection, singing, playing a musical instrument, sculpture, reading, collecting coins, travelling, bird watching, home improvement or re-decoration etc, – the list is endless.


Parents would do well to persuade their children to nurture a hobby along with their studies. Activities related to sports, music and arts lead to the holistic development of your child. It also helps them expand their horizons and contributes to their overall growth. Teenagers should be equally motivated to take up craft, pursue their interests in theatre, music or dance etc., This will aid them to realise their dreams and also ambitions in life with added vigour and gusto.


Grown-ups too benefit greatly by pursuing hobbies. Most working professionals are faced with cut-throat competition in their workplace, back-breaking schedules and deadline-driven projects. In today’s hectic life, stress, strain, irritability and burnout are part and parcel of our routine. In such a scenario, it is imperative to spend some time on activities that help us relax, relieve stress and give us some respite from monotonous work regimes. Weekends can be a good time to unwind and catch up on your favourite sport, writing or gardening. Remember – the simplest of hobbies can provide great stimulus to the mind, body and soul.

Senior citizens would do well to spend time doing things they always wanted to. As time is not a constraint, they can engage their entire day with fulfilling and satisfying hobbies. Gardening, walking, golf, chess, board games, social work, and teaching, are great hobby ideas – the choice is yours. The big advantage – hobbies keep you physically occupied, mentally stimulated, and emotionally balanced.

When hobby becomes profession

Many people convert their hobbies into full-time occupations and build a successful career, or earn extra income. Talented women, for instance, can use their talent to create things such as wall-hangings, decoration pieces etc. Those who have good organisational skills can offer their creative services as marriage planners.

Each of us has a life to live. It is up to us to live it up!

Here we go… If you still haven’t picked up a hobby, this is probably the best time to sit back and think of the things you would love to do. Once you know what will give you happiness, just go ahead and nurture it. A satisfying hobby will make you a complete person – one that loves to live a full life.

Let a Hobby Be

Everyone knows that stress can take a heavy toll on your mind and body, but one simple activity can not only prevent the harmful effects of stress but also make your life richer and more rewarding. The secret is – choose a hobby that not only interests you, but something you find mentally engaging as well.

An interesting hobby is a positive, healthy way to beat stress. As you grow in your hobby, you’ll feel more contented as a person and less vulnerable to the stress of your job and everyday life.

  1. Your hobby should engage you

    Don’t get into a hobby just because a friend or relative enjoys it. Your hobby should be an activity that you enjoy. Pick something you like. Be original!

  2. Explore what the world has to offer

    If you need an idea for a hobby, the Internet is the best place to research it. Whether it’s collecting, art, craft, or reading about a specific topic, you can find thousands of websites, clubs, and user groups to give you more information.

  3. Pick something you’re passionate about

    What one person finds captivating, may be silly or boring to another. Remember that you don’t have to satisfy or impress anyone with your hobby. This is for you. Pursue something that gets you excited, and it will leave you feeling relaxed and positive.

  4. Pick a hobby that’s affordable

    Many people don’t consider this aspect, but it’s better to do something that doesn’t run up debt, lock a good deal of your money, or make you frustrated because you find it’s out of your reach financially. A hobby doesn’t have to be expensive to be fulfilling.

  5. Pick a hobby that is challenging.

    Some collectible items are rare or hard to find. The pursuit of them is part of the excitement. Some hobbies, like painting, playing a musical instrument, or baking, have no limits. Be realistic and don’t expect to master your new interest right away. You have the rest of your life to develop your skills. As your hobby expands, you’ll experience a great sense of personal satisfaction and growth.

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