Labyrinth Meditation: The walk to your core

Labyrinth walking can not only ferry you to your deepest centre, but also help you heal yourself

A simple walk through a labyrinth can lead you to a state of deep meditation and connect you to the very centre of your being. Labyrinth meditation is a form of walking meditation that helps you seek answers to your questions, solutions to your problems and evolve spiritually.

Labyrinth basics

A labyrinth is a specially designed, often circular alleyway [usually varying from classic seven-circuit to 15-circuit pattern] leading from outside, inwards to the centre and then back to the outside again. Although it looks similar to a maze or a puzzle, a labyrinth has no dead ends. And, both the entry and exit are one.

As you walk the labyrinth, you meander back and forth turning 180 degrees each time to enter the next circuit. There are no rules for the walk; you have to just turn off your left [logical] brain and simply walk mindfully to experience the fun and draw maximum benefits from it.

Making your own labyrinth

You can make your own labyrinth in any lawn or park [of minimum 40ft. diameter]. Place pebbles in circular paths of about five feet width each in a seven-circuit pattern on the ground. The ground may be a turf or a land without grass.

Following guidelines

Keep the following points in mind while walking the labyrinth:

  • Stay at the entrance for a while before proceeding
  • Take a deep breath and shut out all incoming thoughts
  • Place one foot before the other and be aware of your gait
  • Be silent during the walk
  • Feel the blue of the sky, the green of the ground, and listen to the whistling breeze, and the sounds coming from any direction
  • Do not focus on the centre
  • Walk at a normal pace—neither too slow nor fast
  • Reach the oasis at the centre and try to stay there longer for meditation and prayer. The winding path that terminates there makes you realise that you are there at the very centre of your being, fully present in the moment
  • Exit following the same path you came in; here you join God or the higher power
  • Reflect on your experiences after you complete your walk.

Reaping the benefits

Labyrinth walking:

  • Balances the body, mind and spirit by balancing the chakras.
  • Releases clutter from the mind.
  • Augments inner peace and calm.
  • Fosters connection with the Divine.
  • Promotes paying attention to your inner guidance.
  • Expands your life’s outlook.
  • Disciplines the body and mind.
  • Provides emotional healing from traumas and past abuse.
  • Activates right brain for better intuition, clairvoyance and imaginative creativity.
V N Mittal
V N Mittal is a certified ReikiMaster Teacher and a freelance writer. He lives in Dehra Dun.


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