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Payal Ahuja
Payal Ahuja is a Mumbai-based dietician and consultant. She conducts workshops on lifestyle management and weight management programmes on TV. Ahuja is also IPC-certified auditor for ISO-9001:2000, and author of the book, Combating Childhood Obesity.

Small Cumin, big benefits

There are numerous reasons to include cumin in your diet. Here's an alphabetical listing of some of them

Almonds: Nuts for Health

With a close connection with the heart, almonds are nutritious nuts, healthy for the mind and the body.

Eggs: Exceptionally healthy

Let's crack the egg to explore the world of nutrients. Egg is one of the super-foods perfectly designed for good nutrition

Nuts are good for health

Nuts offer wholesome health and nutritional benefits when eaten in moderation

Seafood, too good

Seafood is replete with not only nutrients, but also healing properties


B-vitamins, a group of vital nutrients, are essential for our physical and emotional wellbeing


Iron is vital for growth and good health

Magnesium Magic

Magnesium, is the most important element needed by our body after oxygen, water and basic food
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Manoj Khatri, Editor

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