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Minnu Bhonsle
Dr Minnu R Bhonsle, PhD, is a Mumbai-based consulting psychotherapist and counsellor. She conducts training programmes in Personal Counselling [Client-centred Therapy] and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, and also workshops in Stress Management, Art of Listening, Couple Therapy, and Communication Skills. Minnu has co-authored the book, The Ultimate Sex Education Guide along with Dr Rajan Bhonsle.

Money-related conflicts can break marriages

In an age where both husband and wife bring home fat paychecks, various conflicts may arise due to money. Discussing such issues before marriage is a wise solution

Why loving yourself is key to a happy relationship

Love is forgiving, kind and also forgetting self. This could be a misunderstanding as it is very important to love yourself for any relationship to succeed

Does respect outlast love?

People today are caught in the moral dilemma of love versus respect in their relationships. In many cases, respect may keep a relationship going but there is danger of reaching a saturation point

Conjugal amiss: sexless marriage?

For many married couples, sexual satisfaction dies or diminishes with time, due to many reasons. Understanding that sexual problems don't necessarily signal the end of the relationship is essential

Extramarital affair: Why do we stray?

Two relationship experts shed light on the meaning of marriage and the real reason behind extramarital affairs

Take charge of your relationships

Making a relationship work is your responsibility. Whether changes brought in by modern life draw us together or pull us apart, depends on how we react to changes

Marital woes: When Mr Right Goes Wrong

Falling in love is one fascinating ego "game." But, the same ego plays havoc with the relationship, unless one learns to unshackle

Communicate Your Sexual Needs

Communication is the life-line for sexual happiness to survive and flourish in every long-term conjugal relationship

Keeping Secrets

What makes hiding certain facts for a while, or even permanently, a common behaviour in relationships?

This counsellor couple share why marriage is a wonderful thing

Rajan and Minnu Bhonsle share their views about how to make marriage a step toward your spiritual growth and why open marriages are fake relationships