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Kamala Thiagarajan is a Madurai-based journalist. Her writing interests encompass a host of genres including travel, health, entertainment and lifestyle. She is a full-time freelance journalist who works from her home in Madurai, South India. With ten years of experience in journalism, she has over four hundred articles in print in leading magazines across the globe. Her writing spans a variety of travel, health, entertainment and lifestyle features read by a diverse audience in over seven count

Building blocks to self-confidence

True self-confidence isn't an overnight achievement. Here's what you can do to become vibrantly confident

Games families play

Group activities like picnics and games help develop lasting bonds within family members

Walt Disney Resort: The Castle of Dreams

Disney World, the world's biggest and best amusement park, is a place where magic comes to life

Get more out of your time

You will never "find" time for anything. If you want time, you must make it

Lolling around in London

London is by far the only city in the world that is so modern and yet so old

How to choose a perfume

Perfumes define your style and mood. Here are some tips to bear in mind before choosing one

Where East meets West

Known for its high-tech wizardry, Singapore offers a taste of the great Asian culture and provides a rare retreat, full of vibrant action-packed adventure and opportunities to unwind while focusing on wholesome wellbeing

Gift of Love

Gifts are more than mere tokens of affection. They make a statement, not just about your love, affection and commitment, but your personality as well

Wholesome Friendship

True friendship is a rare gift and requires patience, understanding, love and time to cultivate it

Hey Mom, stay happy!

Communicating with the growing life in the womb is essential, maybe even more than physical nourishment