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Dr Barton Goldsmith, PhD, an award-winning and highly sought-after keynote speaker, business consultant and internationally syndicated author, has helped develop creative and balanced leadership in several Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and government organisations worldwide. He lives in California, USA.

Fired? No problem, you can survive

Sudden unemployment shatters your world and your hopes. Here's how to cope with it and move on.

10 tasks for the boss

Your team is your responsibility. Here is what you must do to bring out the best in them

How to avoid the foot-in-mouth syndrome

Prepare well before you discuss a touchy topic with your colleague so you don't have to swallow your words later

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Some are born leaders and some leaders are born. But all of them have some things in common

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10 tips to enjoy work

Work can be fun and satisfying if you choose so. Here are some tips to help you crack up your and your team's job satisfaction index

10 steps to happiness

Happiness is within our grasp, all we need is to learn to grab it

Change for others

Put pride aside and mend your ways if your loved ones want you to. It doesn't mean they hate you, but that they care enough to help you become better

Infuse a positive spirit at your workplace

Negativity at workplace can bring productivity down and requires determined effort to remove it

Building a super team

10 simple pointers to become a perfect leader at office
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